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75 Sexting Messages to Send to Your Boyfriend

75 Sexting Messages to Send to Your Boyfriend

Sexting Messages to Send to Your Boyfriend

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The sexting messages can be judiciously used to excite your partner or seduce someone in a sensual and rascally way.

Here is a selection of the best sexting messages to send to your boyfriend right now, and you will be amazed at the results:

  1. A fire ravages my crotch; could you fix it as soon as possible?

  2. The whole of my body is waiting for caresses show me your address!

  3. I am in a bathrobe, but it is getting hot. Should I remove it? I am wondering.

  4. I have a nice present for you. You will have to open the package.

  5. You always told me that you were bilingual. Show me that you are comfortable with your tongue.

  6. My body is in full swing tonight. I am a without panties.

  7. Fill me the body of this desire that inhabits you!

  8. Make me your muse; use this brush that amuses me.

  9. You take me. I am bored by myself.

  10. The fridge is almost empty. You will have to offer me your dessert.

  11. I am on the verge of falling asleep. Two fingers…

  12. I am waiting for you on the bed, naked and in the dark. Come in once undressed!

  13. I like a lot when you take initiatives, and you penetrate my space!

  14. Endorse the left side of the bed, and I fall asleep on the right side. Somewhere tonight, our two bodies will be together.

  15. I would like you to be there with me so that I spend this night not sleeping with you.

  16. Nothing about you, the heat rises in me… Take care of yourself.

  17. I get out of the shower, and I am still hot, did you finish the job soon?

  18. I cannot wait for you to slip your hands on my hips… Come quickly find us in our bed!

  19. Nobody does me as much effect as you! See you tonight, my love.

  20. If you see underwear everywhere, I advise you to follow them; a surprise awaits you at the end.

  21. Last night I dreamed of something very rascally. I show you tonight!

  22. I am going to shower; you do not want to join me!

  23. Are you sure you want to stay at work late tonight? I am naked I am waiting for you.

  24. I am so cold even though I am under my blanket! Give me a minute I put on a T-shirt!

  25. I wish you were with me, right now.

  26. I am watching a rather sexy video of a man who looks a lot like you.

  27. What are you wearing? I want to imagine you!

  28. Guess the color of my underwear

  29. My hands are busy, but they took a break to send you a message

  30. I try to sleep but cannot. I keep thinking of everything I could do to you if you were near me…

    You want even more sexting messages to send to your boyfriend…

    Let’s go…

  31. Have you dreamed of me caressing you last night?

  32. Smart men like to learn: do you prefer to learn or teach me?

  33. The dance I prefer is the one you taught me on the pillow!

  34. I am far from you tonight, your body misses me then my heart speaks to you… I love you!

  35. I bought a new brass today. I really need your opinion. You are coming home.

  36. Today, I went shopping all day. I am a BAD GIRL. I think you will have to spank me tonight.

  37. I would like to lick you everywhere right now. It does not bother you.

  38. Do not spend too much on your football game. Keep them for me tonight…

  39. I am in a fitting room. I am wearing only a little string…

  40. No interesting movie on TV. Do you have any other ideas about what I could do in bed?

  41. You were very charming in this shirt yesterday. I wanted to unbutton her and caress your body before going down a little lower…

  42. I need a bottle of wine for our dinner tonight. While you are there, buy whipped cream, I might need it tonight to cover your chest.

  43. I need a sex slave for tonight. You are available.

  44. That night I could not sleep. I wanted to feel your hot body against mine. I wanted to feel your hands caress my body. But you were not there. I miss you!

  45. I wish you were with me in my room, in my bed with me. I am naked under my sheet and I think of you!

  46. Last night I wanted you and wanted so much. I wanted to feel you close to me, I wanted to feel you in me, and you excite me so much.

  47. I am alone in my bed; I am cold without my human radiator. I fantasy of snuggling up against your chest and falling asleep peacefully.

  48. I give you a virtual hug and send you all your favorite caresses. I kiss you where you prefer!
  49. Falling asleep without making love is like waking up without a coffee. Looking forward to tomorrow night…

  50. Do not spend too much in a box tonight; watch out for me tomorrow, surprises will await you … under my clothes.

  51. I fall asleep slowly, my eyes are closed little by little, and I imagine you near me, your hands wrapping my whole body, your lips on my shoulders and your breath in my neck. Good night, I am dreaming of you.

  52. I would like you to be with me, I would like you to be in me. But you are not here. I am going to satisfy this thirst for you in my mind. Sweet Dreams!

  53. I bought a very sexy outfit today. I hope you can find out soon. In the meantime, I wish you a sweet night!

  54. I imagine everything I could do to you if you were there. I have the pretentiousness to think that you would be satisfied. Too bad a few kilometers separate us!

  55. I miss you, you are my drug: I cannot do without you, your smell, your back, your mouth, your heat. This night is going to belong!

  56. I am buying a new set of lingerie: I hesitate between lace and silk. What do you prefer? A beautiful dominatrix or a seductive sensual?

  57. I am in the path of desire: I want to buy a lipstick… I will teach you how to put lipstick in my way.

  58. I really want you, to touch you, to kiss you then to lower my mouth lower… Even lower. I want to do you gallantly, give you everything I have, do whatever you want, make you happy!

  59. I cannot wait for you to make love to me! I want to be in your arms wrapped up. I want to kiss you until my lips scorch you. I want to feel your hands walk on my body, my buttocks, my breasts… I want to feel inside me. I love you!

  60. Love is like an illness: we catch it in the street, and we nurse it in bed. I think I have a big rascally bronchitis, do you come to treat me.

  61. Good night my love, I am going to dream of your body. I dream to touch you, to caress you with my hands … my tongue… I am hot, I want you, and I am yours and your desires!

  62. I miss a part of you, a single part of you!

  63. I am at work right now it is very hot especially since I have the image of your way of moving in me… And it makes me shudder.

  64. I am alone under my quilt, and I am cold. Do you have a solution to warm me up?

  65. I want you too much my heart, and all my body claims you. Come, come right now, I want to feel your breath in my neck, breathe your body, and taste your lips.

    Another 10 sexting messages to send to your boyfriend.

  66. I want to be in your arms, to be one more than one night.

  67. Alone in this big empty bed, I think only of you: the smell of the sheets nagging me, it reminds me how much I miss you and how much I want you. I love you!

  68. I am so hot that even firefighters could not turn me off. Ready to yield on the challenge of your life?

  69. I lost my sexual appetite. Come to give me hunger!

  70. Tonight for dessert, do you want cake or treat? For me, treat! I watch the calories.

  71. I am completely naked. Do you want to cognize what I am doing? Turn on your camera and let me light you.

  72. Porn video or hot text, my fingers are already at work…

  73. I am going to the bathroom. If you join me in two minutes, you will have your dessert before the main course.

  74. The quick sex you know. Hurry up I am in a hurry!

  75. I do not have panties. Do you want the code of my door?

3 Tips for a Successful Sexting Message Session:

—If you send hot pictures, be sure of your partner. And for even more security ask him to erase them once the shared pleasure.

—Before sending a hot sexting message, double check the sender. It would be a shame to send it to his father, boss or a stranger!

—Avoid overflowing into the rowdy. The sexting messages are there to excite us, to give pride to the imagination. If trashy texting is part of the game, be careful not to overdo it. Mystery and imagination are the basis of desire. Be sure of the moment and no gliding eyes are around.

Now, exciting a guy and warming him by sexting message is a breeze.

Send the sexting messages to the guy of your dreams and have fun in the warm, we wish you a good sexual appetite!

You finally have sexting messages to send to your boyfriend, so work your imagination to adapt yours to the conversation.

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How to flirt with a girl over text: 23 Great tips you should use!

How to flirt with a girl over text: 23 Great tips you should use!

How to flirt with a girl over text?

how to flirt with a girl over text examples, how to flirt with a woman over text, flirty text messages for her, flirt with a girl over text, flirting conversations

It is easy to make a girl in love, and crazy about you if you apply the tips below on how to flirt with a girl over text, in the right way and at the right time.

When it comes to impressing a girl, timing is all. Unlike men, girls rely heavily on emotions and feelings to fall for a guy.

The guys fall for a girl at first sight because they find her attractive but for a girl to love a man, her feelings play a bigger role in her eyes.

Sometimes it is easier to flirt with a girl over text and drive her crazy than courting her and impressing her with presents.

Well, how to flirt with a girl over text and quickly lure her to your bed?

If you want to learn the right way to text a girl, just apply my 20 tips on how to flirt with a girl over text and you will see that it is easy to make her fall in love with you or even warm her up in a few conversations.

  1. The night is the best time to flirt over text

    If the girl you love is comfortable with texting conversations late at night, you already have the benefit you need. Start by texting her late in the evening and look for ways to keep the conversation going when she slips into bed. There is something sexy and romantic during a quiet night that will work in your favor.
  2. The right moment to send a text message to a girl

    Avoid sending a texting or calling her when you know she is busy or with her friends. She needs to feel happy reading your text messages, but she should not see you as a bug because you are constantly interfering with her happy time.
  3. Choose a time to send your text messages

    Do not send a flirt texting a girl you love all day. If you know her routine, send texting only when you know she is available to send texting back. After a few days of texting, you will see that it is warmer and makes longer conversations by text at particular times of the day.

    Once you know the best time to text this girl, send her flirt messages each day at the same time. It will make him wait for your message and his anticipation for your flirt texting, every day, will make that she will love you more.
  4. First text

    If you want to know how to text a girl for the first time, do not think too much about her. Just stay relaxed and simple. Hey! Just a hello! It is simple and one of many ways to send the first texting to a girl you love.

    There is never a bad way to text a girl. This is what you do after the first text that is still important.
  5. Start with a very short and simple text message

    If you have texted the girl, and have been receiving feedback for a few days, you really do not need to look for reasons to send it again or need elaborate introductions.

    Start with a simple and warm line that is nice to read. This leaves the conversation open and you will be able to know if it has time to discuss too.

    According to a study by the University of Chicago, the best opening sentences are the simplest. A simple “Hi” is the best effect. Stay nice, warm and do not beat around the bush.
  6. Be brief

    Try to keep your text messages short, if you want to keep the conversation. Your goal is to get her to focus on you when she sends you text messages.

    Long text messages can annoy her when she has to wait until your next text message. Worse, she can deal with television or do something else to distract herself while waiting for your text message.
  7. Be intimate

    Text messages can sometimes seem impersonal, so do your best to make them as personal as possible as soon as you can. This will create a special relationship between you.

    Put his name in the message. Girls love to see their name in the messages, there is something very intimate about it.

    Use the term “us” in your flirtation messages. It gives an air of “you and I cut the whole world,” girls love it.
  8. Being interested in her, and her daily life

    Ask him how his day went. Be interested in his life, and let him know that you are always interested in learning more about it while sending other texts. This will allow him to open.
  9. Tease her a little

    Teasing is a great way to flirt. This creates a kind of intimacy between you without it becoming too serious.

    You can give your friend a cute nickname (a nickname that you are the only one to use) such as giving her a name of a pet.

    Customize the relationship between you two, and this will allow you to get closer.
  10. Do not flirt all the time

    Even if she knows that you already love her, avoid flirting with her every moment. It will be boring if you are just flirting with her.

    Text on daily activities, and show her that you are interested in knowing more about her, and her life.

    Do you want more tips on how to flirt with a girl over text?

    Here are 10 more rules that will get you laid…
  11. Flirt when you have the opportunity

    You can always find the perfect opportunity to flirt with her. Do not miss this moment and use it in your favor to tease her, especially when she talks about herself or makes a compliment on her.
  12. Be rascally

    Be especially vague in your sexting unless she has already beckoned you to go further. You can play security or be rascally depending on how it returns you messages.
  13. Use Emoticons

    Unless the girl is expressly telling you that she hates emoticons, make sure you leave a few kisses, and a smile when you say goodbye.

    Even if she makes a big deal of it, you can still joke about it, and say it was a goodbye kiss on the cheek!
  14. Get dirty when you can

    Rub on dirty texting with her from time to time, and watch how she reacts. If she sends you text messages and asks you what you are doing, tells her you were doing something nasty.

    Make him think of you in nudity or give him opportunities to speak meanly. A good way to start a rascally conversation is by telling him that you took a nice shower, and that you will try the new underwear that you bought today.
  15. Create personal memories

    Always look for ways to connect the two of you. Tell him about your favorite song, movie or place you like.

    Whenever she comes across something you have talked about, give her a reason to think about you.
  16. Be soggy before saying goodbye

    Complimenting her looks, her personality or whatever makes her feel warm and fuzzy from the inside. But focus on these text messages for a few minutes before you say goodbye.

    If you want her to become attached to you and to be in love with you, she must be sexually attracted to you and must then feel romantically attached to you. This is how love works.
  17. Do not rush to declare your love

    We do not tell a girl that we love her all of a sudden by texting. It is scary for her. If you do, you risk running away forever. Before declaring your love, it is important to seduce her at first.

    When you know that this girl has feelings for you that you can declare her your love. Otherwise, it is failure assured.
  18. Do not let the conversation drag on

    When flirting by text, an important quality is knowing when to end a conversation while remaining mysterious.

    To do this, you must finish the conversation before it becomes boring. Always end with something cute without too much detail, to end the next text chat conversation.
  19. Know how to end the futile conversation

    If she does not respond to your text or does not respond by flirting, it is not a good idea to continue flirting with this girl.

    If she answers you with fewer than three words, it would probably be a good idea to end the conversation casually.
  20. Know the right moment to withdraw

    If a girl does not sleep with you after a month or less, skip it. She will surely tell you like all the sisters in Christ, that we have just started, we have all our time, and we have to wait 3 months or 6 months. All these beautiful words are to tell you NO. She just wants to take advantage of you. So, break up and look elsewhere!

    If she is attracted, she will come back to you.

    Mistakes to avoid when you flirting with a girl over text?

    If you do not plan to seduce the most beautiful girls in the world, then you do not have to be the funniest and most seductive guy over text.

    On the other hand, to seduce over text, there are some rules to respect not to make you eliminate too quickly… Here are the principal ones which we have listed to you:
  21. Make spelling errors

    Before smartphones existed, we could understand the usefulness of text language (and again…). But today, girls will not accept that you make spelling errors in your text messages.

    You must make a serious effort on the proper use of the French language, if you want to chat a girl over text. I have already seen girls blame me for having made some mistakes in a text, while they themselves were doing…

    So remember to reread several times if necessary. You can also ask Google’s review to make sure you do not write anything.
  22. Send too many text

    Receiving a funny text from time to time is appealing. But receive too many text from the same person to the opposite effect. You must not spam the messaging of the girl you want to seduce. Otherwise you will be very quickly offside…

    To know if you send too much text, just observe the frequency and the response time of the girl you want to seduce.

    If she answers you quickly and she sends you text messages herself, you’re hot. If it does not answer all your messages and takes a long time to answer you, you are cold.

    It is important to calibrate yourself on the girl you want to seduce, not to go too fast. If she asks you questions by text, she invites you to the conversation. If she never asks you a question, she does not encourage you to continue.

    Attention all the same! If she asks you questions, do not fall into the trap of telling you everything over text. You will have nothing to tell him in front and you will inevitably lose points!
  23. Speak to speak

    Text messages are used to make an appointment, to make laugh, to bring value, but in no case are text messages used to discuss.

    I see too many guys using text to chat with a girl, while being hidden behind a screen. We have already told you earlier in the article, a face-to-face discussion is 100 times more interesting than a discussion over text!

    I’m tired of hearing from guys saying, “I do not understand! Everything was going well by messages and then there, no more answer! .” Yet it’s very simple to understand. A guy saw this girl in the face and could go much further than just a message. So, she no longer responds to others.

We’ll finish the article on that, a girl rarely has only one pretender who runs after her. So if you want to play the final and win the title, the text must serve you to quickly go to the appointment.

Keep these tips on how to flirt with a girl over text in your mind while you chat, and you will see how easy it can be to seduce the girl you like through some late night texting and well-timed lines.

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How to flirt with a guy over text: 28 effective tips

How to flirt with a guy over text: 28 effective tips

How to Flirt with a Guy over text?

how to flirt with a guy over text examples, how to flirt with a man over text, flirty text messages for him, flirt with a guy over text, dirty talking text messages for him examples

You got to know each other, the attraction and the sexual tension felt in the air, you exchanged your numbers! You try to convey the message you want and do not send confusing and ambiguous signals to this guy who attracts you. That is why we give you some new tips for you to know how to flirt with a guy over text without making mistakes.

Whether you are already a couple or want to seduce a man, there is an unstoppable way to attract him to you and create intimacy. Flirting with a guy over texting is an excellent technique in order to make you desire and this despite the distance that can be between you two.

Discover in this article, the best ways to flirt with a guy over texting and thus to pack his heart thanks to new techniques.

It is also important to know the mistakes you cannot make, and so you will really put the odds on your side to conquer the heart of this man. You do not have to be at his side to seduce him.

You can, right now, by applying our advice on how to flirt with a guy over text, find love and find happiness.
  1. Do not rush
    Do not take the first step immediately, because if he gave you the number that same evening, and when you arrive at home you already send him a message of the good evening affection. Whether you like it or not the signal that you send is that you are desperately looking for a relationship, and that scares the majority of men.

    You may like it, but be calm and wait a few days at least.
  2. Take the initiative to seduce a guy over text
    Being entrepreneurial, which does not mean vulgar, is also a quality in the text. Indeed, if it is up to the man to take the first step to kiss you… You can still send a message without calculating the number of times he has acted in the same way.

    If you want to contact him, you can do it and especially you must especially avoid being in demand, it is also necessary to take initiatives.
  3. Have confidence in yourself
    If you decide to take the first step and send the message do it with confidence. Greet him and avoid phrases like, “Do you remember me?” Or “we met each other the other night…” A simple “hello is OK” is enough to start the conversation.
  4. Be short and simple
    Avoid messages that are too long or complicated, that is, do not get tangled! “This morning going to work I saw a red car and I thought about you because you told me you had a red car, so I thought I’d ask him how he’s doing, was your week?” NO! Nothing better than the natural, a brief message of greeting to engage the conversation.
  5. Are you interested in him?
    It is essential to ask questions about him, to take an interest in his life to move forward.
  6. Ask questions
    The easiest way to signal your interest and curiosity towards the other is to ask questions. The best questions are those that ask for the opinion of the interlocutor. That way, your interlocutor has the opportunity to answer in more detail and is comfortable to start a conversation.
  7. Do not insist
    If after sending two messages it does not answer you, do not insist. The fact that you have exchanged the numbers does not necessarily mean that you will see each other again, and the last thing you have to do is look like someone desperate or a stalker.

    Maybe he does not answer you right now because he is busy, but if he is interested, he will do it, do not doubt it.
  8. Take your time
    Do not be anxious and do not wait for an immediate response, because you will only be nervous. Send the message and put the laptop to continue your activities, if he is interested, he will answer.

    If he gets in touch with you, do not respond quickly and desperately, think about what you say and take your time to answer calmly.
  9. Be yourself
    By text, you may be tempted to pretend to be a more outlandish, extrovert or sexier than you are in real-life. This is perfectly useless and if that’s all this boy knows about you, he will expect you to be different from what you are the day you spend time together.
  10. Be fun
    If you have to avoid playing a role, still try to bring out your fun side. Text conversations tend to be lighter and shorter than face-to-face conversations. By presenting yourself as a funny and playful person, you will make this boy want to know you more.
  11. Do not hesitate to tease him
    Small teasing can help to create some intimacy, as long as the recipient has a sense of humor. You could, for example tease him about an error he made in one of his texts, for example, a fun automatic correction.
  12. Give him a cute little nickname
    It may sound stupid, but by giving this boy a nickname, you will make him understand that you like him. Choose a masculine nickname or a funny and cute little name. In either case, use this nickname in your text, to make this boy understand how you feel about him.
  13. Start the conversation
    If you are trying to pick up a boy with whom you are not yet a couple, try to bring the conversation to a romantic subject. So, he will understand where you are coming from and if he is also interested, he will continue the discussion on this path.
  14. Go calmly
    No messages that engage you or phrases with feelings, it is still too early to express yourself. “The other night, I spent a moment with you as never before with someone I had to know” this type of sentence probably surprise the other, and in some cases will scare him. Go calmly; such honesty will not necessarily get more attention from him.
  15. Do not worry
    If he cuts the conversation, do not insist anymore and wait for him to write to you again. It is also good that from time to time it is you who cut the thread of the messages, you will show so subtly that it interests you but that you have occupations and a life, a signal always positive because it indicates that you do not obsess or do not hang on to people easily.
  16. No important subject on text
    If you have something important to say, such as changing the time of an appointment, canceling it or addressing any other more serious topic, the best is to call and not to send messages.
  17. To have distributed in the text
    To know how to flirt with a guy over text it is important to create complicity and not be afraid to have the repartee to go through a phase that is akin to friendship before talking about love.

    The fact of sharing, not always being seduced, flirting is essential so as not to put pressure and to avoid mistakes.
  18. Put away
    Put a possible distance between you, and not to send texting messages every day, and constantly be in discussions revolving around the seduction.

    To smear a guy by text is not to be constantly behind his back and to prevent himself from living, it is necessary that your man also feels a certain distance, a lack for the relationship to be created. He must also think of you and not take you for granted.
  19. Compliment it
    To flirt with a guy over text nothing better than to compliment him. The second he sees your messages, I guarantee you that he will make a big smile. Remind him that he has assets that he is charming and you will create, for sure, desire in your man.
  20. Use emotional phrases
    Using phrases that will touch his emotions like “I miss you, Haste to see you tonight…” You will arouse his curiosity and give him pleasure even at a distance. Through the sexualization of conversation, your man will have only your image that will cross his mind for the whole day. Do not hesitate to be sensual to flirt with a guy over text.
  21. Use the empty message
    Sending an empty message to a guy will force him to think of you. When he sees your name appear on his phone he will feel obliged to answer, so you force him to take the first step. When you are already in a relationship, your man will immediately think of you by seeing this message and answer you automatically. Contrary to appearances, sending an empty message is a great way to flirt with a guy.
  22. Use the smileys
    Nowadays, everyone has smartphones, so you have no excuses not to use smileys to flirt with a guy over text. A little heart, a little smile in the middle of the day to remind him that you think of him will be very appreciated. Even when you are not yet in a relationship with him, nothing prevents to send a texting with a friendly smiley to make him laugh, have fun and continue your game of seduction.
  23. Send him sexy photos
    A photo is worth a thousand times more than words and if it is more of you, much more. If your friend is very visual and you trust him, take a sexy photo shoot exclusively for him.

    If you are more comfortable with photos than words, the option of sending a provocative photo of yourself is a great idea. Choose underwear with which you feel sexy, feminine and funky, and then make a good selfie to send to the laptop. You can accompany the photo with a text that says you are thinking about it.
  24. Warm it with your text messages
    If you want to start warming up a man, start by insinuating with a subtlety that you are interested to let him know that something is possible with you, but that you must go little by little. Always keep control of the situation and be calm and patient, let the sexual tension between the two before taking the first step towards the physical.
  25. Go beyond the virtual
    The virtual must not be the only way to seduce him. Indeed, we must also think about having real face-to-face exchanges, to live this complicity in real life and not only behind a smartphone.
  26. Do not let the conversation go on forever
    When flirting by text, it is important to know when to choose the right time to end a conversation while remaining naughty.

    Remember to end your conversation with something cute without much detail. This makes your guys eager to start over with you the next chat flirtation conversation.
  27. Be mysterious and do not tell everything
    Men love to discover what is behind a woman, but they have no interest in knowing things about your ex-spouses or very explicit things about your life.

    If you want to heat a man, keep some mystery and do not tell everything about you by texting.
  28. Know how to end a conversation
    If he does not respond to your text or flirts with you, it is not a good idea to continue flirting with this guy.

    You wrote to him two or three times and he does not answer you, the message is clear: you do not interest him. Do not suffer and do not let your ego take a hit, continue your life normally and without the subject suffocating you too much.

Keep these unpublished tips on how to flirt with a guy over text in your mind as you swap, and you will see how easy it can be to seduce the guy you like through a few text messages.

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21 Signs He Likes You More Than a Friend

21 Signs He Likes You More Than a Friend

Signs He Likes You More Than a Friend

Signs-he-likes-you-more-than-a-friend, How-to-tell-if-a-guy-likes-you, Signs-he-likes-you-more-than-a-friend-with-benefits, Signs-he-likes-you-body-language, How-to-know-if-a-guy-loves-you-secretly

Signs he likes you more than a friend! A person really like you but you do not know if this attraction is reciprocal and before going far you want to know what is going on in his head to better adapt. This article on how to tell if a guy likes you are not just about girls who are single or who have views on a man but also those who are already in a relationship and have doubts or fears.

Sometimes it is useless to wonder how to tell if a guy likes you because it’s better to focus on his personal well-being or on the well-being of the man who is in front of you in order to live his romantic relationship in the best way possible.

If each man expresses his feelings and his interest in his own way, there are always gestures, words, and attitudes that do not deceive and show that he is attached to you.

If the man who attracts you does not show signs similar to those developed below, then go your way and do not waste your time since he is not interested in you.

It is legitimate to wonder how to tell if a guy likes you but it should not be an obsession! I suggest you discover the undeniable signs that do not deceive and tell you if something is happening between you!

Signs he likes you more than a friend:

  1. He desires to know your story

    When a guy likes you, he can’t get plenty. He desires to know everything about you—every scar, every achievement, and every tragedy.

    When a guy is interested in a lady romantically, how much he wants to know her reaches a completely different level, and the way he approaches knowledge her story will just feel different.

  2. He looks at you with attention

    To know if a guy likes you, the first thing to do is to watch him! Some signs do not deceive, starting with the look. If he spends his time observing you, it is a good sign.

    Be discreet, but scrutinize his pupils. If they are dilated, it is an undeniable sign of attraction. It seems that the pupils of a man can multiply their size by 4 if he is conquered. The look generally betrays the feelings.

    When you speak or when you are silent, he looks at you with attention and with a small smile that shows that you soften him.

    The smile goes with his attentive look since he does not control how much you like him and how much he likes to watch you.

  3. His voice changes when he speaks to you

    The voice is also a good indicator to perceive interest and desire in the other.

    A man who speaks loudly with fast debit tries to show that he has confidence in himself. The deep and soft voices have the will to establish a calm and intimate ideal climate to seduce.

  4. He is clumsy when he sees you

    Like a child, a man who loses his means in front of you, who starts to stammer when he speaks to you or who makes abrupt and clumsy movements, is not in his normal state… The person is probably troubled, and this may be the case. To make awkward both physically (he does not know how to put his legs, he does not breathe as usual…) than verbally (he looks for his words…).

  5. He directs his body in front of you

    You are not unaware that the way to orient your body is an unconscious sign of interest. If at your appointment, he is constantly facing you, shoulders facing you and hands in his field of vision, you have a positive sign that he is interested.

  6. He wants to know more about you

    He does not just answer your questions. He answers you with attention and does not fail to ask you more questions about you because he wants to know more about you.

    He takes it upon himself to answer you correctly so that you can discover him a little more and he does the same to get to know you as well as possible.

    You interest him, and he makes you understand by asking you about all that you like, do not like; on everything that makes you the woman you are.

    Your past, your present, your future, everything, absolutely everything interests him about you and it is obvious that he is interested.

  7. He asks to see you and see you again

    If a man wants to see you for the first time, it is a good start.

    If he wants to see you again, it is because you really interest him. Know that a man who is not interested in a woman does not try to see her or see her again.

    Besides, he would find excuses for not being available to you.

    If he makes a wish to see you and see you again, you are interested. Have no doubt, it sure, it gets you!

  8. It is tactile

    This sign is variable from one man to another but if it is tactile, it is that you interested him and he shows you it explicitly because he uses his body.

    If he were not interested, he would be distant and not touch you. If he is always close to you physically, it means that you have him in the eye.

    Some men are particularly tactile and like the game of seduction. This kind of man is not particularly interested in you but in all women.

  9. He does not talk about other girls

    Whether it is his ex or girls he finds pretty, he does not talk about it. This is a sign that you interested him. On the other hand, if he tells you about other girls he finds pretty or compliments in your presence, it is because he is not interested, know it.

    Clearly, if the other girls do not take place in your conversations, it is that you interest him and no one else.

    If he wants to know your opinion on topics, it is a way to show you that he is interested. He wants you to participate in his decision-making or just know what you think because it is important to him; your opinion is important to him.

    He does not think about himself but about you, even about you two, and about the compatibility or complementary of your opinions (he may imagine a long-term story with you and give more weight to his imagination having knowledge of your opinion).

  10. He is sincere and honest with you

    He is not afraid to show you who he truly is. He does not cheat and that is essential because he shows himself to you as he really is, and does not try to make himself better to deceive you.

  11. He makes you compliments

    Someone who is interested will try to put you at ease, to value you. It is not necessarily compliments on your physique but remarks that go beyond appearance.

    Compliments that really value the person. His words will focus on your behavior, your attitude, also sign that he really listens to you when you speak!

  12. He requests you to meet his friends

    He does not want to hide you but he wants to show you because he is proud and happy to be with you. If he wants you to meet his friends, it is a real sign of interest in you, be sure.

  13. He agrees to meet your friends

    If he agrees to meet your friends, tell yourself that this is an excellent proof of interest from a man towards you.

  14. He offers you to do things together

    He wants to spend time with you and you propose to do things together. This is a sign that you interest him.

    If he offers to do something you love (because you have already talked about it before), then it is even more obvious because he really wants to please you is a very revealing detail of his interest in you.

    Even more signs he likes you more than a friend...

  15. He is attentive

    If he listens to you and looks at you carefully, you can already be sure that you are interested in him and that he is not insensitive to what you are saying.

    When you tell him something, he does not interrupt you and he listens to you with an attentive ear.

    He is not distracted and must not do anything else at the same time. In the same way, his eyes do not leave you and even when your eyes leave him, he continues to look at you with the same attention without worrying about what is happening around.

    What interests him is you and only you.

  16. It affects you

    Some gestures can easily translate a certain attraction. He can seek by all means to get physically close to you, by touching your arm, putting his hand on your thigh, speaking very close to you.

    To capture your attention, he will not hesitate to stand right in front of you during a conversation.

    You will notice that he will take pleasure in telling his anecdotes by miming every situation that requires you to touch, even if it is just to touch your arm.

    Physical contact is one of the first elements of seduction and you can be certain that by touch, a guy makes you understand explicitly that he is interested in you.

  17. He confides in you

    You talk about everything and anything together but from the moment he confides in, you can be sure that he is interested in you and that he trusts you by entrusting you with things of his private life.

    He will tell you about his relationship with family members, some love experiences that taught him things, or some events in his life that made him suffer…

    It will not hurt to show its vulnerable side and its weaknesses since it will give you full confidence.

    A man who confides is a man who is ready to let you enter his heart and his head. All in your honor!

  18. He takes the first step

    If he takes the first step to offer you something (an appointment, an evening…), it is that he wants to spend time with you. Even more positive if he offers you an appointment with his friends, it is that he is happy to present them to you.

    That said, even if he offers you a meeting face to face, it is obvious that you like him just as much!

    He clearly wants to spend time with you and he shows you clearly.

  19. He is interested in you

    If you like him, he will want to get closer to you physically but also emotionally. He will be curious by asking you about personal things, and he will show interest in your family and friends.

    He is interested in you and does not just talk about him. He asks you questions about you, about your life, your family… He wants to know more and to see if you have points in common to be able to share even more.

    If he is interested in you by asking you various and varied questions, it is because he clearly wants to know if you have points in common that you could share or even live together.

    A guy who is interested in you does not do it to please you, he does it because it’s sincere, and he really wants to get to know you. It sure you like him!

  20. He asks you to make intimate relationships

    For people already in a relationship, you have another way to make sure that you still like him is the frequency of intimate relationships. If you make love every two months, there is a problem, which can be related to your desire. Sexuality is a good way to measure the degree of attraction but it does not make it an absolute rule.

  21. He is jealous

    One last sign for couples is jealousy. If a man is vexed, if you feel some thoughts when you talk to him about another, there is certainly a question of ego but pride does not explain everything. Nevertheless, you have to be careful not to do it on purpose because it cannot take it.

Now that you know the signs to tell if a guy likes you, you should also understand that there are mistakes to avoid. Indeed, the fact that there is an attraction between you is not enough and you must go further.

So, you know all the signs he likes you more than a friend with benefits!

The mistakes not to do!

Wondering how to know if a guy loves you secretly when you’re under the spell sometimes leads to dramatic mistakes. So do not stop at the question of how to tell if a guy likes you and you have to push the analysis further.

Do Not Confuse Attraction and Love

A man will not fall in love without being in a relationship with you or after a few weeks of relationship! It takes much longer for him to feel something strongly and wants to go further.

Do not give up if he does not say “I love you” quickly. It does not mean that you do not like him, but simply that you have to give him some time.
Do Not Expect Him to Act as You Wish

Not only do men think and behave differently than women but you do not have the same personality, you are not attracted to your clone and therefore you must accept your differences and therefore behaviors that may not match your expectations. Make him understand it through your attitudes.

Do Not Rush

No need to think that he does not care about you or that he does not want to commit because he does not do the same thing as your expectations. By letting things happen naturally and letting them breathe a little, you will see how they feel about you. For that, put a little distance and observe it, it will come to you as soon as possible.

Beware anyway guys who have behaved like that with all the girls they meet… Trust your instincts it will never deceive you!

This article “21 signs he likes you more than a friend,” tell you everything about how to tell if a guy likes you and if his attraction is sincere, and who knows if he is the right guy or not. It is not necessary to observe all these signs concomitantly. If you see already, two is that you have every chance that his feelings are present and strong.

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30 Flirty Questions to Ask a Girl

30 Flirty Questions to Ask a Girl

Best Flirty Questions to Ask a Girl

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Want to raise the temperature with the girl you want, but you do not know how? Little lucky… In this article, we will give you 30 flirty questions to ask a girl by text to warm the atmosphere, and make it all wet!

Sexting or sexual texting heats the mood between you and the girl. So as to create a certain sexual tension, and to excite it. Moreover, women love flirting by texting in general. If girls like sexting so much, it is because it gives them intense pleasure.

Before embarking on a sexting question/answer, you should know that it is important that the girl you are writing to is alone. If she is with friends, she will have a less time and the desire to let go and indulge yourself.

In addition, if she is with friends, she will certainly share your messages with her friends, and you may face more than destabilizing answers!

To ensure the success of your flirty questions, you must also make sure that she has nothing special to do. She must have a free time in front of her, to indulge in this little rascally game…

By sending some flirty questions to a girl, you can always make them look like jokes if she does not flirt with you.

Just use these flirty questions, and continue the conversation by answering any other questions she may ask. It will work in your favor if you play carefully, and you stick to these flirty questions to ask a girl all the way.

To do wonders if she is your girlfriend or even if she is a girl you want to seduce. Ask her these flirty questions by texting late at night for better results!

  1. Are you alone?

    This question is perfect to understand if she is available and alone at home. You obviously cannot flirt or talk sex if her friends are around her.

    Remember that you must both be willing to have an intimate text exchange!
  2. What are you doing right now?

    Play it nice, and slow. This can help you to be sure that she is alone and bored enough to give you her full attention.
  3. Do you prefer to sleep alone or in pairs?

    An interesting question but not innocent. In fact, this is the first step to divert the conversation to more sexual topics.
  4. What do you clothing when you go to bed?

    A curious question that is perfect to ask a girl when she is already in bed. It is personal, but not too sexual. When she describes herself, say something like, “My god, I cannot imagine how cute you look right now.”

    If she is your girlfriend, ask her what she is wearing, and if she does not mention her lingerie, ask about her lingerie, and the color. According to his answer, you can answer him that “I would like to have a photo to concretize my imagination!”
  5. What do you think looks the sexiest?
    Make her talk sexually by talking about her sexy clothes. This is flattering and certainly sexual.
  6. Do you like boxers or panties?

    Even if a girl does not care, she will most likely say that she loves boxers. Answer this question by saying it is what you wear. All the emphasis is placed here to make him think of your underwear without really being obvious.
  7.  Do you prefer men in underpants, boxers or boxer shorts?

    This question will make her imagine you in underwear. So you will implant in a sexy little outfit in his imagination! On top of that, this question makes it possible to prepare your underwear for your next appointment!
  8. Do you like hugs?
    This question aims to install the sensual atmosphere necessary for the continuation of the game. You gently immerse sexual thoughts in his brain; it should open up to you little by little!
  9. Do you like to cuddle alone in your bed?
    There we enter a little more taboo subject without going too far. We talk about hugs, loneliness, bed… If she is embarrassed by your question, answer him that there is no harm in doing good!
  10. Without doing it on purpose, have you already tamed people sleeping together?
    You talk about sex without talking about you, nothing better to start a sexy conversation without being too grilled! In addition, this question will allow you to know if the girl you are talking to is more of a naughty or frigid kind!
  11. Has a guy ever touched you or groped discreetly?
    Girls have one thing about sexual groping. Even if it is accidental, it is something they do not forget. After she tells you about an incident she likes, you can answer, “I wish I were this guy! .”
  12. You have already slept with a guy without knowing why?
    With this question, you want to know if this is the kind of girl who does not take the head before sleeping with a guy, or if it’s a girl who needs a strong attachment to go under the duvet.
  13. Have you ever slept with a guy just because you were excited at that time?
    To find out if she is a girl who can be brought to have sex with a guy in the heat of the moment.
  14. If you had a pair of X-ray glasses, what part of a man’s body would you look at first
    It is time to be naughty. Really, how many things can a girl look under the shoulders of a guy? Let her answer the question so you always make it sound like she is talking naughty and not you.

    Do you want more flirty questions to ask a girl?

    Here are 15 more flirty questions…
  15. If you could undress the guy of your choice, what would you start with?
    There we seek a little more to know if it is a girl released or rather wise. If she answers you “her shoes,” you came across a foot fetishist! On the other hand, if she answers “the t-shirt,” she likes the guys with the chocolate bars. If she answers you, “the boxer!” It is hot like embers, you will be able to accelerate.
  16. What excites you in a guy?
    With this question, you will know if it is rather superficial or intellectual. You will know if she is the type to sleep with a guy just for his physique, or if he must show intellect before sleeping with him.
  17. What is your secret move to warm a guy?
    By asking him to visualize doing it with a guy and you describe him, you make him fantasize about sex. At the same time, she can go into details just to prove how sexual she is.
  18. How do you think my body would be better, shaved or natural?
    Is not it nice to know that the girl you love you imagine naked the minute after you ask him that question?
  19. Where do you prefer to be petted?
    You penetrate a little more its intimacy and you seek to know it. You are not very far from your goal! Once again, you are collecting valuable information that will serve you at your next appointment!
  20. Does a massage make you cum?
    A full-body massage makes almost all girls enjoy. With this naughty question, you will know if she likes to be caressed the body or not.
  21. If I kissed your lips accidentally while kissing you for a goodbye, would it bother you?
    Make him imagine your kiss. It is a perfect question to make her frown.
  22. Do you like giving oral sex or receiving it?
    No matter what she answers, you can always answer the opposite of what she says. If she likes to give oral sex, say you like to receive it. If she likes to receive it, tell her that you like to give it!
  23. What makes you reach seventh heaven?
    This naughty question makes it possible to make her imagine having an orgasm and to seek to know how she reaches it. In addition to implant sexual images in his thoughts, you will know how to offer him pleasure!
  24. Are you rather sweet or wild in bed?
    With this naughty question, we always probe his preferences during sex. Understand that this is the key to give him reports that will enjoy until sunrise!
  25. What is your biggest fantasy?
    That is it; we have both feet in the dish! Questions about sex will allow you to increase the desire that sleeps in it. Not to mention that they will allow you to better know how to make it enjoy…
  26. What is the most unusual place where you made love?
    If she answers “my bed,” she is not very original or she is too embarrassed by your question! If she tells you “an elevator” or “a fitting room,” she is naughtier than she looks!

    This question allows a little better assess if it is a girl who does not take the head or if she wishes marriage before sex!
  27. If I were with you, in your bed, would you like me to do what?
    Here is an interesting question! This question can make you skip steps based on your reaction. If she plays the game and lists all the parts of her body that she would like you to lick her, you will certainly see her faster than expected… If she tells you “you get out of the room,” it is bad closed off…
  28. If I whispered all these questions in your ear, would you be on?
    If the conversation has arrived so far, it is already obviously wet. But it always seems much better to hear it from the girl you’re texting with.
  29. If you do not have a boyfriend, do you think we would have sex together? If I were with you now, do you think we would have kissed?
    This question can actually put you in bed, but you have to wait for the last question to get an invitation from him.
  30. If a guy wants to come to find you where you are and sleep with you right now, would you like that?
    Do not talk about yourself for now, unless you already know she wants you to come. If she answers “yes,” go at full speed find her. If not, play the game of seduction for a few minutes before telling him that you want to come to find her at this moment.

Just use these flirty questions to ask a girl and you will certainly enjoy it. If you are charming and lucky, you can also get into bed very quickly!

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