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21 Signs He Likes You More Than a Friend

Signs He Likes You More Than a Friend

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Signs he likes you more than a friend! A person really like you but you do not know if this attraction is reciprocal and before going far you want to know what is going on in his head to better adapt. This article on how to tell if a guy likes you are not just about girls who are single or who have views on a man but also those who are already in a relationship and have doubts or fears.

Sometimes it is useless to wonder how to tell if a guy likes you because it’s better to focus on his personal well-being or on the well-being of the man who is in front of you in order to live his romantic relationship in the best way possible.

If each man expresses his feelings and his interest in his own way, there are always gestures, words, and attitudes that do not deceive and show that he is attached to you.

If the man who attracts you does not show signs similar to those developed below, then go your way and do not waste your time since he is not interested in you.

It is legitimate to wonder how to tell if a guy likes you but it should not be an obsession! I suggest you discover the undeniable signs that do not deceive and tell you if something is happening between you!

Signs he likes you more than a friend:

  1. He desires to know your story

    When a guy likes you, he can’t get plenty. He desires to know everything about you—every scar, every achievement, and every tragedy.

    When a guy is interested in a lady romantically, how much he wants to know her reaches a completely different level, and the way he approaches knowledge her story will just feel different.

  2. He looks at you with attention

    To know if a guy likes you, the first thing to do is to watch him! Some signs do not deceive, starting with the look. If he spends his time observing you, it is a good sign.

    Be discreet, but scrutinize his pupils. If they are dilated, it is an undeniable sign of attraction. It seems that the pupils of a man can multiply their size by 4 if he is conquered. The look generally betrays the feelings.

    When you speak or when you are silent, he looks at you with attention and with a small smile that shows that you soften him.

    The smile goes with his attentive look since he does not control how much you like him and how much he likes to watch you.

  3. His voice changes when he speaks to you

    The voice is also a good indicator to perceive interest and desire in the other.

    A man who speaks loudly with fast debit tries to show that he has confidence in himself. The deep and soft voices have the will to establish a calm and intimate ideal climate to seduce.

  4. He is clumsy when he sees you

    Like a child, a man who loses his means in front of you, who starts to stammer when he speaks to you or who makes abrupt and clumsy movements, is not in his normal state… The person is probably troubled, and this may be the case. To make awkward both physically (he does not know how to put his legs, he does not breathe as usual…) than verbally (he looks for his words…).

  5. He directs his body in front of you

    You are not unaware that the way to orient your body is an unconscious sign of interest. If at your appointment, he is constantly facing you, shoulders facing you and hands in his field of vision, you have a positive sign that he is interested.

  6. He wants to know more about you

    He does not just answer your questions. He answers you with attention and does not fail to ask you more questions about you because he wants to know more about you.

    He takes it upon himself to answer you correctly so that you can discover him a little more and he does the same to get to know you as well as possible.

    You interest him, and he makes you understand by asking you about all that you like, do not like; on everything that makes you the woman you are.

    Your past, your present, your future, everything, absolutely everything interests him about you and it is obvious that he is interested.

  7. He asks to see you and see you again

    If a man wants to see you for the first time, it is a good start.

    If he wants to see you again, it is because you really interest him. Know that a man who is not interested in a woman does not try to see her or see her again.

    Besides, he would find excuses for not being available to you.

    If he makes a wish to see you and see you again, you are interested. Have no doubt, it sure, it gets you!

  8. It is tactile

    This sign is variable from one man to another but if it is tactile, it is that you interested him and he shows you it explicitly because he uses his body.

    If he were not interested, he would be distant and not touch you. If he is always close to you physically, it means that you have him in the eye.

    Some men are particularly tactile and like the game of seduction. This kind of man is not particularly interested in you but in all women.

  9. He does not talk about other girls

    Whether it is his ex or girls he finds pretty, he does not talk about it. This is a sign that you interested him. On the other hand, if he tells you about other girls he finds pretty or compliments in your presence, it is because he is not interested, know it.

    Clearly, if the other girls do not take place in your conversations, it is that you interest him and no one else.

    If he wants to know your opinion on topics, it is a way to show you that he is interested. He wants you to participate in his decision-making or just know what you think because it is important to him; your opinion is important to him.

    He does not think about himself but about you, even about you two, and about the compatibility or complementary of your opinions (he may imagine a long-term story with you and give more weight to his imagination having knowledge of your opinion).

  10. He is sincere and honest with you

    He is not afraid to show you who he truly is. He does not cheat and that is essential because he shows himself to you as he really is, and does not try to make himself better to deceive you.

  11. He makes you compliments

    Someone who is interested will try to put you at ease, to value you. It is not necessarily compliments on your physique but remarks that go beyond appearance.

    Compliments that really value the person. His words will focus on your behavior, your attitude, also sign that he really listens to you when you speak!

  12. He requests you to meet his friends

    He does not want to hide you but he wants to show you because he is proud and happy to be with you. If he wants you to meet his friends, it is a real sign of interest in you, be sure.

  13. He agrees to meet your friends

    If he agrees to meet your friends, tell yourself that this is an excellent proof of interest from a man towards you.

  14. He offers you to do things together

    He wants to spend time with you and you propose to do things together. This is a sign that you interest him.

    If he offers to do something you love (because you have already talked about it before), then it is even more obvious because he really wants to please you is a very revealing detail of his interest in you.

    Even more signs he likes you more than a friend...

  15. He is attentive

    If he listens to you and looks at you carefully, you can already be sure that you are interested in him and that he is not insensitive to what you are saying.

    When you tell him something, he does not interrupt you and he listens to you with an attentive ear.

    He is not distracted and must not do anything else at the same time. In the same way, his eyes do not leave you and even when your eyes leave him, he continues to look at you with the same attention without worrying about what is happening around.

    What interests him is you and only you.

  16. It affects you

    Some gestures can easily translate a certain attraction. He can seek by all means to get physically close to you, by touching your arm, putting his hand on your thigh, speaking very close to you.

    To capture your attention, he will not hesitate to stand right in front of you during a conversation.

    You will notice that he will take pleasure in telling his anecdotes by miming every situation that requires you to touch, even if it is just to touch your arm.

    Physical contact is one of the first elements of seduction and you can be certain that by touch, a guy makes you understand explicitly that he is interested in you.

  17. He confides in you

    You talk about everything and anything together but from the moment he confides in, you can be sure that he is interested in you and that he trusts you by entrusting you with things of his private life.

    He will tell you about his relationship with family members, some love experiences that taught him things, or some events in his life that made him suffer…

    It will not hurt to show its vulnerable side and its weaknesses since it will give you full confidence.

    A man who confides is a man who is ready to let you enter his heart and his head. All in your honor!

  18. He takes the first step

    If he takes the first step to offer you something (an appointment, an evening…), it is that he wants to spend time with you. Even more positive if he offers you an appointment with his friends, it is that he is happy to present them to you.

    That said, even if he offers you a meeting face to face, it is obvious that you like him just as much!

    He clearly wants to spend time with you and he shows you clearly.

  19. He is interested in you

    If you like him, he will want to get closer to you physically but also emotionally. He will be curious by asking you about personal things, and he will show interest in your family and friends.

    He is interested in you and does not just talk about him. He asks you questions about you, about your life, your family… He wants to know more and to see if you have points in common to be able to share even more.

    If he is interested in you by asking you various and varied questions, it is because he clearly wants to know if you have points in common that you could share or even live together.

    A guy who is interested in you does not do it to please you, he does it because it’s sincere, and he really wants to get to know you. It sure you like him!

  20. He asks you to make intimate relationships

    For people already in a relationship, you have another way to make sure that you still like him is the frequency of intimate relationships. If you make love every two months, there is a problem, which can be related to your desire. Sexuality is a good way to measure the degree of attraction but it does not make it an absolute rule.

  21. He is jealous

    One last sign for couples is jealousy. If a man is vexed, if you feel some thoughts when you talk to him about another, there is certainly a question of ego but pride does not explain everything. Nevertheless, you have to be careful not to do it on purpose because it cannot take it.

Now that you know the signs to tell if a guy likes you, you should also understand that there are mistakes to avoid. Indeed, the fact that there is an attraction between you is not enough and you must go further.

So, you know all the signs he likes you more than a friend with benefits!

The mistakes not to do!

Wondering how to know if a guy loves you secretly when you’re under the spell sometimes leads to dramatic mistakes. So do not stop at the question of how to tell if a guy likes you and you have to push the analysis further.

Do Not Confuse Attraction and Love

A man will not fall in love without being in a relationship with you or after a few weeks of relationship! It takes much longer for him to feel something strongly and wants to go further.

Do not give up if he does not say “I love you” quickly. It does not mean that you do not like him, but simply that you have to give him some time.
Do Not Expect Him to Act as You Wish

Not only do men think and behave differently than women but you do not have the same personality, you are not attracted to your clone and therefore you must accept your differences and therefore behaviors that may not match your expectations. Make him understand it through your attitudes.

Do Not Rush

No need to think that he does not care about you or that he does not want to commit because he does not do the same thing as your expectations. By letting things happen naturally and letting them breathe a little, you will see how they feel about you. For that, put a little distance and observe it, it will come to you as soon as possible.

Beware anyway guys who have behaved like that with all the girls they meet… Trust your instincts it will never deceive you!

This article “21 signs he likes you more than a friend,” tell you everything about how to tell if a guy likes you and if his attraction is sincere, and who knows if he is the right guy or not. It is not necessary to observe all these signs concomitantly. If you see already, two is that you have every chance that his feelings are present and strong.

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