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30 Flirty Questions to Ask a Girl

Best Flirty Questions to Ask a Girl

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Want to raise the temperature with the girl you want, but you do not know how? Little lucky… In this article, we will give you 30 flirty questions to ask a girl by text to warm the atmosphere, and make it all wet!

Sexting or sexual texting heats the mood between you and the girl. So as to create a certain sexual tension, and to excite it. Moreover, women love flirting by texting in general. If girls like sexting so much, it is because it gives them intense pleasure.

Before embarking on a sexting question/answer, you should know that it is important that the girl you are writing to is alone. If she is with friends, she will have a less time and the desire to let go and indulge yourself.

In addition, if she is with friends, she will certainly share your messages with her friends, and you may face more than destabilizing answers!

To ensure the success of your flirty questions, you must also make sure that she has nothing special to do. She must have a free time in front of her, to indulge in this little rascally game…

By sending some flirty questions to a girl, you can always make them look like jokes if she does not flirt with you.

Just use these flirty questions, and continue the conversation by answering any other questions she may ask. It will work in your favor if you play carefully, and you stick to these flirty questions to ask a girl all the way.

To do wonders if she is your girlfriend or even if she is a girl you want to seduce. Ask her these flirty questions by texting late at night for better results!

  1. Are you alone?

    This question is perfect to understand if she is available and alone at home. You obviously cannot flirt or talk sex if her friends are around her.

    Remember that you must both be willing to have an intimate text exchange!
  2. What are you doing right now?

    Play it nice, and slow. This can help you to be sure that she is alone and bored enough to give you her full attention.
  3. Do you prefer to sleep alone or in pairs?

    An interesting question but not innocent. In fact, this is the first step to divert the conversation to more sexual topics.
  4. What do you clothing when you go to bed?

    A curious question that is perfect to ask a girl when she is already in bed. It is personal, but not too sexual. When she describes herself, say something like, “My god, I cannot imagine how cute you look right now.”

    If she is your girlfriend, ask her what she is wearing, and if she does not mention her lingerie, ask about her lingerie, and the color. According to his answer, you can answer him that “I would like to have a photo to concretize my imagination!”
  5. What do you think looks the sexiest?
    Make her talk sexually by talking about her sexy clothes. This is flattering and certainly sexual.
  6. Do you like boxers or panties?

    Even if a girl does not care, she will most likely say that she loves boxers. Answer this question by saying it is what you wear. All the emphasis is placed here to make him think of your underwear without really being obvious.
  7.  Do you prefer men in underpants, boxers or boxer shorts?

    This question will make her imagine you in underwear. So you will implant in a sexy little outfit in his imagination! On top of that, this question makes it possible to prepare your underwear for your next appointment!
  8. Do you like hugs?
    This question aims to install the sensual atmosphere necessary for the continuation of the game. You gently immerse sexual thoughts in his brain; it should open up to you little by little!
  9. Do you like to cuddle alone in your bed?
    There we enter a little more taboo subject without going too far. We talk about hugs, loneliness, bed… If she is embarrassed by your question, answer him that there is no harm in doing good!
  10. Without doing it on purpose, have you already tamed people sleeping together?
    You talk about sex without talking about you, nothing better to start a sexy conversation without being too grilled! In addition, this question will allow you to know if the girl you are talking to is more of a naughty or frigid kind!
  11. Has a guy ever touched you or groped discreetly?
    Girls have one thing about sexual groping. Even if it is accidental, it is something they do not forget. After she tells you about an incident she likes, you can answer, “I wish I were this guy! .”
  12. You have already slept with a guy without knowing why?
    With this question, you want to know if this is the kind of girl who does not take the head before sleeping with a guy, or if it’s a girl who needs a strong attachment to go under the duvet.
  13. Have you ever slept with a guy just because you were excited at that time?
    To find out if she is a girl who can be brought to have sex with a guy in the heat of the moment.
  14. If you had a pair of X-ray glasses, what part of a man’s body would you look at first
    It is time to be naughty. Really, how many things can a girl look under the shoulders of a guy? Let her answer the question so you always make it sound like she is talking naughty and not you.

    Do you want more flirty questions to ask a girl?

    Here are 15 more flirty questions…
  15. If you could undress the guy of your choice, what would you start with?
    There we seek a little more to know if it is a girl released or rather wise. If she answers you “her shoes,” you came across a foot fetishist! On the other hand, if she answers “the t-shirt,” she likes the guys with the chocolate bars. If she answers you, “the boxer!” It is hot like embers, you will be able to accelerate.
  16. What excites you in a guy?
    With this question, you will know if it is rather superficial or intellectual. You will know if she is the type to sleep with a guy just for his physique, or if he must show intellect before sleeping with him.
  17. What is your secret move to warm a guy?
    By asking him to visualize doing it with a guy and you describe him, you make him fantasize about sex. At the same time, she can go into details just to prove how sexual she is.
  18. How do you think my body would be better, shaved or natural?
    Is not it nice to know that the girl you love you imagine naked the minute after you ask him that question?
  19. Where do you prefer to be petted?
    You penetrate a little more its intimacy and you seek to know it. You are not very far from your goal! Once again, you are collecting valuable information that will serve you at your next appointment!
  20. Does a massage make you cum?
    A full-body massage makes almost all girls enjoy. With this naughty question, you will know if she likes to be caressed the body or not.
  21. If I kissed your lips accidentally while kissing you for a goodbye, would it bother you?
    Make him imagine your kiss. It is a perfect question to make her frown.
  22. Do you like giving oral sex or receiving it?
    No matter what she answers, you can always answer the opposite of what she says. If she likes to give oral sex, say you like to receive it. If she likes to receive it, tell her that you like to give it!
  23. What makes you reach seventh heaven?
    This naughty question makes it possible to make her imagine having an orgasm and to seek to know how she reaches it. In addition to implant sexual images in his thoughts, you will know how to offer him pleasure!
  24. Are you rather sweet or wild in bed?
    With this naughty question, we always probe his preferences during sex. Understand that this is the key to give him reports that will enjoy until sunrise!
  25. What is your biggest fantasy?
    That is it; we have both feet in the dish! Questions about sex will allow you to increase the desire that sleeps in it. Not to mention that they will allow you to better know how to make it enjoy…
  26. What is the most unusual place where you made love?
    If she answers “my bed,” she is not very original or she is too embarrassed by your question! If she tells you “an elevator” or “a fitting room,” she is naughtier than she looks!

    This question allows a little better assess if it is a girl who does not take the head or if she wishes marriage before sex!
  27. If I were with you, in your bed, would you like me to do what?
    Here is an interesting question! This question can make you skip steps based on your reaction. If she plays the game and lists all the parts of her body that she would like you to lick her, you will certainly see her faster than expected… If she tells you “you get out of the room,” it is bad closed off…
  28. If I whispered all these questions in your ear, would you be on?
    If the conversation has arrived so far, it is already obviously wet. But it always seems much better to hear it from the girl you’re texting with.
  29. If you do not have a boyfriend, do you think we would have sex together? If I were with you now, do you think we would have kissed?
    This question can actually put you in bed, but you have to wait for the last question to get an invitation from him.
  30. If a guy wants to come to find you where you are and sleep with you right now, would you like that?
    Do not talk about yourself for now, unless you already know she wants you to come. If she answers “yes,” go at full speed find her. If not, play the game of seduction for a few minutes before telling him that you want to come to find her at this moment.

Just use these flirty questions to ask a girl and you will certainly enjoy it. If you are charming and lucky, you can also get into bed very quickly!

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