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40 Flirty Questions to Ask a Guy

Flirty Questions to Ask a Guy

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You meet a new guy, the attraction, and the sexual tension felt, you exchanged your numbers! You try to convey the message you want to the guy who attracts you, but you do not know how? That is why we have prepared 40 flirty questions to ask a guy to make him crazy about you.

After a first look or face-to-face, a guy can make an excellent impression, and arouse in you very positive feelings, but before the first night together, you want to know more about her intimate life. Let go and ask him some questions that will not fail to bring you closer…

To do wonders if it is a guy you want to seduce. Just ask these flirty questions, and continue the conversation by answering all the other questions he may ask. It will work in your favor if you play carefully, and you stick to those flirty questions to ask a guy along the way.

  1. What do you like in a relationship?

    See if you are compatible in discovering what is important to him in a relationship.

  2. How is someone like you always single?

    With this question, you tell him that he interests you and that you think he is awesome and that he would sweep it in the blink of an eye.

  3. How did you become so cute?

    It is a cute and seductive question without being too much ahead. He will like that compliment from you that shows you are a sweet and brazen girl.

  4. Are you busy on...?

    It is a good way to get him to ask you without being too direct.

  5. If you want to be an animal, what do you choose a cat or a dog?

    It is a good compatibility detector. The best answer that will please you and show who you are with the right person is the dog!

  6. Do you want to tell me about your inner life?

    It is an affectionate question because it shows you are interested in him and that you really want to know him better.

  7. Do you like hugs?

    This question aims to install the sensual atmosphere necessary for the continuation of the game. You mix sexual thoughts in his brain!

  8. Do you prefer to cuddle or have fun?

    This allows you to put in your guy’s head what it could be to please you or lock your lips. It is a good sign that you like it and want things to become flattering.

  9. Do you prefer to sleep alone or with two?

    A pretty interesting question. In fact, this is the first step to divert the conversation to sexual matters.

  10. What do you clothing when you go to bed?

    It is a personal question but not too direct. When he describes himself, say something like “My god, I cannot imagine how cute you look right now.”

  11. What do you think looks the sexiest?

    Make him talk sexually about his clothes. This is very sexual.

  12. Do you like boxers or underpants?

    Even if a guy does not care, he will most likely say he loves boxers. Answer this question by saying it is what you wear. All the emphasis is placed here to make him think of your underwear without really being obvious.

  13. Do you prefer girls in underpants, boxers or thongs?

    This question allows you to prepare your below for your next appointment!

    In addition, he will imagine you in underwear. You will, therefore, implant yourself in a sexy little outfit in his imagination!

  14. What is the best kiss you had?

    With this question, ask the guy to remember a hot kiss he had in his life. Can it be with you, if you have already kissed and hope that he tells you?

  15. Have you ever made love in a special place?

    Turning the conversation around sex tells him that you love him and are interested in knowing more about his sex life. If the guy reveals his sex life, it’s a good sign that the message is between you!

  16. Have you ever slept with a girl just because you were excited at that time?

    To know if he is a guy who can be brought to have sex with a girl in the heat of the moment.

  17. If you had a pair of X-ray glasses, what part of a girl’s body will you look at first?

    It is time to be naughty. Really, how many things can a guy look at in a girl? Let him answer the question so you always make it sound like he is talking rascally and not you.

  18. If you could undress the girl of your choice, what would you start with?

    There we look a little more to know if it’s a guy released or rather wise. If he answers “his shoes,” you came across a foot fetishist! On the other hand, if he answers you “the top,” it is because he likes foreplay and excitement. If the answer is “the low,” it is hot like embers, you will be able to accelerate!

  19. What excites you in a girl?

    With this question, you will know if it is rather superficial or intellectual. You will know if he is the type to sleep with a girl just for his physique, or if he must show intellect before sleeping with her.

    Do you want more flirty questions to ask a guy?

    Here are 20 more flirty questions…

  20. What is your secret move to warm a girl?

    By doing it with a girl and describing it, you make her fantasize about sex. At the same time, he can go into details just to prove how sexual he is.

  21. Where do you prefer to be petted?

    You penetrate his intimacy, and you seek to know him better. You are not far from your goal! You collect valuable information that will serve you at your next appointment!

  22. Does a massage make you cum?

    A full-body massage makes almost all guys enjoy. With this naughty question, you will know if he likes to be caressed the body or not.

  23. Do you like giving oral sex or receiving it?

    No matter what he answers, you can always answer the opposite of what he says. If he likes to give oral sex, say that you like to receive him. If he likes to receive it, tell him that you like to give it!

  24. What makes you reach seventh heaven?

    The purpose of this question is to make him imagine having an orgasm and try to find out how he achieves it. In addition to implant sexual images in his thoughts, you will know how to offer him maximum pleasure!

  25. Are you gentle or wild in bed?

    With this question, one always probes one’s preferences during one’s sexual intercourse. Understand that this is the key to give him unforgettable reports that will make him enjoy!

  26. What is your favorite position?

    Find out what his favorite positions are in bed and maybe you can impress him later.

  27. What is your biggest fantasy?

    Questions about sex will allow you to increase your desire. Not to mention that they will allow you to better know how to enjoy it…

  28. What is the most unusual place where you made love?

    If he answers “my bed,” he is not very original, or he is too embarrassed by your question! If he tells you another place, he is more rascally than he looks!

  29. Do you have a girlfriend?

    This courageous and direct question. It shows the guy you like that you want to be more than friends, from the beginning. For a guy, the girl who asks this kind of question is very exciting and rascally!

  30. What do you think of the girl who takes the first step?

    You tell him you will take a step if he wants to.

  31. Do you think you know what women want?

    It is a way to make it restless. Then you tell him exactly what you want.

  32. What do you think of me?

    The interest of this question is to know if it is interested only in your physics; if he finds you other qualities or not, if he has noticed some features of your characters or if he is listening.

  33. Can you heal me?

    Make him feel manly and protective by playing the damsel in distress.

  34. Are you attracted to me?

    If you want to be affectionate but also want answers, this question goes straight to the point!

  35. Have you ever dreamed of me?

    It is a fun question to know if you have it in mind, and if it is a rascally dream, so much the better!

  36. Have you ever had a sexual fantasy about me?

    It is a sure way of knowing if he has fantasies for you.

  37. If I were with you, in your bed, would you like me to do what?

    This is an interesting question that can make you skip steps based on your reaction. If he plays the game and lists all the parts of his body that he would like you to lick him, you will certainly see him faster than expected…

  38. Do you think we would have sex together?

    This question can put you right in bed, but you must wait to get a clear invitation from him.

  39. If a girl wants to come to find you in your bed and sleep with you, would you like that?

    If he answers “yes,” bravo you won the bet. Otherwise, play the game of seduction again for a few minutes.

  40. Do you want to go out with me?

    If you are the kind of girl who does not like to go around the bush, why not ask her directly!

Of course, the purpose of all these questions is not to pass a police interrogation but to know how to interrogate them over time in a natural way.

Just use these 40 flirty questions to ask a guy, and you will definitely have the guy of your dreams. If you are sexy and charming, you can easily get into bed in no time!

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