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How to attract a girl: 18 Best keys of attraction

How to Attract a woman? How to attract a girl ?

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How to attract a girl ? This is a question that often comes back to men's minds. How to create the attraction that will allow you to please girls and in particular that which seduce you?

If you are wondering how to attract a girl or how to attract a woman, you must first stop being cerebral. It is necessary to leave the image of the player and to concentrate on a deeper work to become attractive and to release charisma.

Today, we will see together comment a girl effortlessly, applying the simple and practical advice. You will have in your hands the keys of attraction that allow you to naturally catch the girls that please you and seduce you…

Once anchored in the deep of you, the attraction you will be able to create will be strong and the girls will inevitably become captivated by you.

The interest you have unconsciously incited to stay by your side and not to get rid of you anymore.

We will review the three factors of attraction to know seeks to attract a girl:

• The intellectual factor:

The intellectual factor is the most superficial level when it comes to attracting a girl because it is an attraction that is not profound.

The three criteria below are therefore important to bear in mind, but it must be borne in mind that they do not weigh in the face of deeper criteria.

  1. The common points

    Having things in common with a girl is a criterion of attraction. It allows to develop a certain complicity with the girl and to make him feel that you are both on the same wavelength.

  2. Knowledge

    Knowing things, being cultivated, having the knowledge to share … is a criterion of attraction in that it allows you to conduct interesting conversations with the girl. You can potentially captivate and make it vibrate more easily.

    You are a guy who has the potential to bring value to others by sharing interesting information, anecdotes, stories…

  3. The intelligence

    Women are attracted to intelligent men. Even if one sometimes has the impression of the opposite, the intelligence is something attractive to a man.

    Men who are both intelligent and master of deep attraction criteria are irresistible to girls.

    • The social factor/social status:

    This attraction factor constitutes a level of attraction that is deeper than the level of intellectual attraction.

    Girls have always been attracted to men who are likely to climb the social ladder, or to the men who are most likely to ensure their survival and that of their young.

    The five criteria below are criteria that will have a significant impact on the look that girls will have on you, and their intentions towards you.

  4. Awareness

    As you have probably noticed, girls are generally attracted to popular guys.

    When a girl finds that you are known and appreciated by a number of people, she finds you immediately more attractive.

  5. The style of dress

    Your dress style is an indicator of your social status and reflects your personality. To dress well indicates a relatively high social intelligence.

    When girls see a well-dressed guy, they immediately have a positive image of your personality.

    So, you need to have a style of clothing that is unique to you and that showcases you.

  6. The physical

    An attractive physique attracts attention and enhances the eyes of girls. You return the image of an energetic and dynamic guy.

    When look and physics get married perfectly, it’s guaranteed attraction.

    The game of seduction begins long before you have started a conversation with a girl.

    You do not have twice the opportunity to make a good first impression, so put all your chances on your side so that his first opinion of you is positive.

  7. The financial situation

    Having a good financial situation makes it easier to attract women. In fact, most of the time it is not the money as such that will attract girls, but your abilities and your state of mind.

    Money just like girls is just one of the consequences of an attractive state of mind.

    In most cases, it is not because the guy is rich that the girl will be attracted, but because he has a solid state of mind, which is precisely what allowed him to acquire his wealth.

  8. Social intelligence

    A socially intelligent man is a man who understands the mechanisms that govern social interactions.

    He is a man who knows how to interact with girls to make them understand that they are part of the same team, and thus create a sense of complicity.

    Social intelligence is attractive because it is a quality that allows you to climb the ladder and thus climb the social ladder.

    So make sure to develop your understanding of social mechanics.

    • The energy factor:

    The energy factor is the most primary level of attraction. It corresponds to the masculine energy that you release. It is the level of attraction the deepest, and therefore the most determining. It is a magnetic attraction, an attraction that cannot be controlled.

    Men who emit powerful male energy attract girls magnetically, like a magnet.

    Hence, the importance of knowing how to make this masculinity feel to the girls with whom you interact.

  9. Self-confidence

    If you want to attract, you have to believe in yourself. Self-confidence is the starting point.

    When you are confident, you know what you want: you naturally clear something.

    Be prepared to assume and assume your ideas, it is something that others can perceive, which qualifies you and distinguishes you from entry.

  10. The notion of naturalness

    Most girls will quote you with words to tell you what attracts them, but very often we return to the notion of naturalness. You must not make vain efforts, but work what you are.

    Do not try to cheat or camouflage, one way or another that will catch you and it could play you a dirty trick.

  11. Enjoy your interactions

    Learn to exteriorize yourself while keeping your share of mystery. Enjoy your interactions rather than setting goals each time you start a conversation.

    Enjoy the present and do not focus on the close at all costs.

  12. The state of mind

    A strong and masculine state of mind is ultra-attractive.

    Make sure you develop your self-confidence, discipline yourself, and have an idea to move forward on.

    Set yourself challenges. Be ambitious. Be combative.

    This will allow you to develop your masculinity and solidity in the long run.

  13. The personality of the girl

    The knowledge of the personality of the girl you attract to bring out the components necessary for its attraction. It is the use of verbal communication based on your words, intelligently chosen according to the personality of the girl, that will allow you to attract it.

  14. Non-verbal communication

    The girls do not care what you say. The non-verbal represents about 70% of the communication.

    Non-verbal is anything other than speech. These are your gestures, the expression on your face, the tone of your voice… All these little things, which in the end are decisive in seduction.

    The girl you interact with will rather remember your body language, the tone of your voice, your smile, your look…

    Share your good mood, be interesting, exciting… Transform a mathematical equation into a real story if you have to. Make the choice not to be a chapter in the life of a woman you met: intrigue, laugh, be communicative and playful!

  15. The takeover

    Girls are attracted to boys who are in control. That’s why, by making sure that this personality trait is conveyed when you interact with a girl, she will find you much more exciting.

    Concretely, do not let her lead the interaction, even if she tries to do it!

  16. The desire assumed

    Girls tend to be more attracted when a man has shown them a certain desire.

    Assume without shame your desire is formidable to excite a girl.

    When you express your desire in a solid way, the girl feels your masculinity.

  17. Be mysterious

    Just as getting something quickly drastically reduces the desire, revealing all aspects of your personality too quickly will make you no longer attractive.

    When you are asked questions, do not answer in detail, leave the mystery.

    The girl must feel that you are hiding things from her, but she must also be attracted to you so that she wants to discover what is behind your character.

  18. Being rare

    Staying out of reach of the girl you want to attract is a great way to make her addicted and addicted to you.

    By making a rare appearance, by giving news only rarely, you will maintain and accentuate the mystery that hovers over you.

It is the succession of these tips, on how to attract a girl or how to attract a woman, that will make you someone attractive. These points must be worked on to attract girls easily and naturally. These tips will allow you to become the man that girls' getaway!

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