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How to Flirt with a Girl: 30 Simple and Reliable Tips

How to Flirt with a Girl?

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Find out how to flirt with a girl the friend technique and make her like you without ever telling her that you like her.

Read below on how to make a girl like you to use these 30 tips on how to flirt with a girl the right way.

Dragging a woman is very different from flirting with a woman. Dragging depends only on one side (the man or the woman), unlike the flirt that depends on both sides (the man and the woman). Flirting is an exchange led by someone who wants to seduce the person!

Greeting a girl on the street is nothing like a rocket science … the hard part is moving up a gear: showing your interest, without going for a cheesy, and provoking a positive reaction. In other words, flirt!

How to flirt with a girl the friend techniques!

Flirting is neither universal nor conventional; it is something subjective that varies from one person to another. Body language plays a very important role, so we must adapt the context to our personality but also to the personality of our interlocutor.

Here is how to flirt with a girl using simple and reliable techniques at the same time: body language, communication and the art of touching.

  1. Have confidence in yourself

    First, if you want to attract, you have to believe yourself. Self-confidence is the starting point. When you are confident, you recognize what you want: you naturally clear something. Be ready to assume and assume your ideas, it is something that others can perceive, which qualifies you and distinguishes you from entry.

  2. Be yourself

    If you want to flirt with a girl and get her attention, you have to stay yourself if you want her to be really seduced. You cannot play a role because it will eventually see you and you will not be able to seduce her in the end. Be yourself and without censoring yourself because we all have a different personality, and what will please the person you see, will be your true personality and nothing else. Authenticity is what most appreciated today.

  3. Be the best man you can be

    You cannot cheat your way through this step. The world is full of good guys who want to be with the best women they can find. If you want the girl you love, you must be worth it. Even before flirting with her, you have to make yourself a real man. Be the man who can attract the attention of women and you will realize that wooing the best girls around you is much easier than you can imagine.

  4. Do not show that you come dragging

    It is quite easy to differentiate a person who has just gone out to have fun with someone who has come out to drag and finish in bed with someone. In the latter case, no one likes to feel like an object. Believe it or not, people who leave without worrying about ending the evening with someone and who look more selfless are ultimately much more attractive.

  5. Look after your appearance

    The look is certainly a plus for attracting girls. Be presentable, wear a few accessories and give the impression that you are taking care of yourself. They love it! You must have good hygiene, smell good, and have a fresh breath by avoiding eating too much food.

    When you approach an unknown, in a few seconds she will judge your style and your physique. If you are not to his taste, then it will be excellent in 30 seconds to try to catch up. In this stage of the first judgment, the style has a very important value.

    TO AVOID: the total look, too many logos, fakes, the shirt too open on a hairy torso, the slim when you do not have the physique for, badly matched prints, dirty shoes, and a style that does not match you not.

    TO DO: Mix beautiful pieces and basics, have an accessory or detail of his original outfit, show that you know your style … and your clothes size. 90% of girls love fashion, so are very sensitive to a man paying attention to his clothes.

  6. Attract attention

    You can attract a girl’s attention with your physique. Try to dress as well as possible with what suits you best, keeping your style, to feel beautiful and seductive.

    Highlight yourself by dressing well and walk past her by supporting her eyes…

  7. Choose the place

    Most novices try to flirt where they are which is often on the street but have you ever thought about going to places that have a high concentration of girls? You will stand out from the competition and you will have more choices.

    Here are some strategic places: clothing stores, the cinemas, the girls’ bars, nightclubs, dance classes, supermarkets… There are many other places where you will increase your chances of approaching girls, so be creative.

  8. Use eye contact

    The method of eye contact, or visual seduction, is essential since it will be your first sign of attraction. It is rare to find a man who dares to support a girl’s gaze in the street.

    If you get to master this technique, you will intrigue many girls, and roll out a red carpet for your opener. There are two main situations for using eye contact:

    On the street: Use the eye contact if you want to attack your target with a frontal opener. Forget it if you want to tackle it in a roundabout way. A good eye contact starts as soon as you enter the girl’s field of vision. The most difficult thing is to choose the right body language. You must not look like a pervert, nor seem to have fallen in love with it. Try to be sure of yourself with a little cocky & funny attitude.

    When it is close enough, let go of the eye contact only to link with the opener. For the particular case of a group of girls, make your choice quickly, and fix one.

    In the evening: the eye contact in the evening is a little different. It requires concentration in order not to disperse. Locate a target, and attack it directly: fix it until it notices you. When she gives you two or three stealthy looks, stop looking at her. You will notice that she will look for you.

    Practicing the eye contact is a good way to increase your confidence in yourself while not risking much, so do not deprive yourself.

  9. Observe before acting

    Boys are used to having the gift of extreme impatience. Why do not start with a few looks? This is a first stage that will give you enough information.

    If you look at her, and she does the same, there may be something. Make him smile to see what happens. If you look at her, and she runs away, it is probably not the moment.

  10. Smile

    For the first contact with a woman, smile. With a smile, you immediately communicate positive emotions. You announce the color for the rest of the interaction.

    Conversely, if you arrive in front of the girl pulling the face or with a burial head, you will communicate negative emotions.

    Do you know that when we go to a girl we do not know, she does not know why we came to talk to her?

    Even more tips on how to flirt with a girl!

    Let’s go…

  11. Find the right opener

    The opener is probably the most important passage to approach a woman. It is also the most delicate, especially for beginners.

    A little pre-opener reminder: never approach a woman from behind, and always stop to talk to her (do not walk by her side you are not her bodyguard).

    TO AVOID:The heavy or classic openers like “you are charming…”… “Can we have a drink? ..." ... "We would not have seen each other”… Would you not have the time? If not, what is your name? "... "You’re single. No need to develop, to leave like that is the suicide of the seducer.
    The marshmallow openers of the type:
    “Excuse me, I am sorry to disturb you, but I thought to myself that perhaps you would agree to give me a look, a word perhaps?”

    Do not apologize be polite but confident. You must engage the meeting by being sure of yourself.

    TO DO:The opener of circumstances. Use an element of the situation: she reads, she listens to music, it is raining, and she has red shoes… For every woman you meet, if you are an observer, you can find a dozen ways to approach her in an original and personalized way.

    The innocent question. To lull his mistrust and surprise her, you can ask for a service. It’s the bachelor party boyfriend of a friend, I lost a bet, I have to recover an autograph of 100 girls … you help me choose a tie. You will thus divert his attention from your main goal.

    The absurd question. Become classic in seduction, twisted questions are always effective. Well chosen, they will destabilize and amuse your target.

  12. Drag a compliment

    Compliments, a woman receives every day just walking in the street. Yet in 90% of cases, they cause the opposite effect of that expected: the escape grumbling a “yes, thank you” dry.

    Choosing a compliment is the assurance of destabilizing and intriguing your target, and thus opening a gap to enchain. Here is what to remember about the art of the compliment:

    The too classic/heavy: your eyes are beautiful… You are very pretty/charming/beautiful…

    Avoid being interested in parts of your body “sexed” unless you really want to be a pervert.

    The too fetishist: You have the most beautiful toes I have ever seen. Alert to the perverse.

    The kitsch: your parents are thieves; they stole the stars to put them in your eyes… You have beautiful eyes you know… You leave.

    TO DO:The originals: You have beautiful shoulders… This hair is superb. It is refreshing for a girl to hear a compliment that is out of the ordinary.

    The best: indirect “I find you very elegant,” “I love your bracelet”… Compliments rather his outfit or an element of his outfit. It is indirect as a compliment so much lighter: you will make her happy without making her feel uncomfortable. In addition, you will compliment her on a choice she made and not on what nature has given her, so it is a real compliment.

  13. Lead the conversation

    The transition opener/conversation is a delicate moment dreaded by many deceivers. You caught his attention but if you cannot keep going, his interest in you will fall like bellows. Do not ask questions that can lead to monosyllabic answers.

    Depending on the opener that you have chosen, you can continue on the breach that it has opened, or you must immediately chase on something else. A compliment or a request for advice on clothing makes it easy to connect easily.

    “If I asked you for advice, it’s because I think you are well undermined, of course. Do you have to be part of the type of chick who always keeps up to date with the latest fashion trends?”

    The ideal would be to mix humor, little spades, and questions about something she wears/does.

    It is necessary to amuse it, without being too legible on your intentions. Not obvious too sure, but in reality, you just have to overcome the fear of talking to a stranger. In confidence, inspiration will come to you now.

    The conversation must confirm the good impression she had of you at the time of the opener, and bring it smoothly to a close.

    To find out if the conversation is going well, watch his body language that should warm up.

  14. Succeeding your exit: the number close

    Let us be honest, your mission will only be fulfilled if you manage to get the girl’s number. The number is, therefore, the declared purpose of any street sweep or in a public place. A priori if you managed to retain a few minutes, the trick is played, it is very rare for a girl to be approached in a fine and intelligent way.

    You have followed all the steps, you know it for 2 to 5 minutes, and she seems happy to be with you, so how to find the right time to close?

    There is no perfect timing, but you have to be the one who ends the conversation. Use a false time constraint (false appointment, false emergency...) to politely distort company.

    A sentence of the type: listen, I have a great time, but I have to join friends there, we continue this discussion tomorrow over a coffee. Summarize what you need to tell him.

    In addition to including a typical “I must join friends,” reason in your False Time Constraint shows that you have a social circle and therefore, that you will not be slinging at it like a chewing gum on its pumps.

    Be dominant and precise, it will be more difficult to refuse if you seem sure of yourself and you do not give him too much choice.

    For number close, you can try a technique like this: I have to go, I’m calling you tonight— But you do not have my number—ha yes, let’s fix it! To do everything lightly or casually.

    Alternatively, even more efficiently, use the linguistic method to put it in a positive frame, and then number it.

    You: Do you have a mobile number? (99.9% of girls have one!)

    She: Yes; You just put her in a frame of submission, she said “yes.” You: What is it? Get your mobile out of the world most naturally once the number is noted, do not stammer a thank you, and follow the conversation as if it was quite innocuous and normal that she gave you her number.

    Then, do not delay to leave, it must leave on a feeling of lack, like a freeze-out (for connoisseurs), but until your next appointment.

    It’s not over, yet 15 tips on how to flirt with a girl…

  15. Do not put pressure on yourself

    Too many guys are pushing when it comes to flirting with a girl they like. When you put the pressure on yourself, the girl feels it. She feels that you are not comfortable she feels fragility.

    In small doses, it passes, but when it is too many breaks. Because if you put too much pressure on yourself, she can say that it is because you are not used to being in contact with girls like her or that you are afraid of the outcome of the interaction, and in either case, you are going for a guy in need. You pass for a guy of lower social status than his.

    If the girl you want to seduce sees that you make her your only motivation, she will feel that something is wrong. She will feel that you do not have much to bring her. She will feel that you are not fulfilled as a man.

  16. Be laid back and comfortable

    If you are uncomfortable or nervous, it will be difficult for you to flirt effectively. In general, women detect this type of thing, so be calm and confident. Know how to take advantage of the moment and do not put unnecessary pressure to reach a goal but have a good time to converse.

  17. Have a good time

    If you have already spent time with her, the conversation is going well, and she has not looked for an excuse to escape, things are going well. When it is likely that something is happening your instinct tells you so. It is time to be brave and maybe ask some more personal questions by asking her if she is single and available.

    Do not forget that you are talking with her, which does not mean that she wants to go further. You will have to make a little effort!

    Do not be nervous, human relationships are not so mysterious. If all goes well and you are both available, you will probably get along well.

  18. Show your interest in her

    If you want a girl to be interested in you, try to show your interest in her. Ask her questions, empathize with her so that she sees that she does not interest you and start the conversation with her.

    We all love to be listened to, understood and talked about ourselves. If you are interested in her, she will do the same for you. An attentive man is something very much appreciated by a woman who will take an interest in him.

  19. Control your body language

    You must know that body language also plays an important role when trying to please a girl. Your gestures, your looks, and your postures will attract his attention if you show some interest in her. This type of communication is unintentional, but keep in mind that girls will pay attention to everything you do, whether positive or negative.

  20. Show him that you have the wit

    Intelligence is one of the most popular qualities in girls, so we recommend that you show your wits when talking to them and know what to talk about, without blundering with subjects. Thorny or personal. Talking about the news by knowing what to talk to you can help you get your attention. You can also make funny and intelligent remarks to try to please him.

  21. Compliment her in a good way

    Does she look particularly good today, or did she do anything with her hair? If you love a girl, chances are, you will notice these signs almost immediately. If you like something about it congratulates her whether it is her dress or her hair.

    But if you want to walk in the field of seduction and remind him of your compliment, you must use your words. Do not say the obvious statement when you try to congratulate her. Try to be memorable and personal with your compliments without crossing the line. Here are two ways to complement the same thing:

    Nice T-shirt! —That is it, you are so beautiful.

    Beautiful perfume— You are so good today…

    You can always congratulate a girl on her T-shirt or perfume directly, but by becoming personal, you create a souvenir for her. The next time she uses this scent, she will remember what you said, and this is the first step to open your path in his heart.

    Say: your skin is so soft … is it the same everywhere? Or nice T-shirt… I like how it fits your body; may sound personal, but it’s also scary. Keep these sexual compliments for later, when she wants to hear them.

  22. Spend time alone with her

    It is better to flirt when there are only two of you. You can show off your flirting skills around a group of girls and boys, but you will not be able to create an impression on the girl you love, because she will never think it is special. After all, if you are going to flirt with all the girls you meet, how can the girl you love to feel like you are treating her in a special way?

    Give yourself some humorous flirtation when there are people around, but keep all your special compliments and lines like “you do my day” when it’s just you two. When you flirt with a girl, make her feel more special than anyone else, and she will think much more about your conversation.

  23. Girls love a funny man

    A sense of humor is a prodigious quality to have a conversation. If you do not think you are a funny or witty guy, do not worry. Just smile for beginners. Girls love a man they can have fun with. You do not have to memorize a thousand ships to look funny. Just remember an incident that you have encountered or talked about things around you.

    If you want to have a sense of humor, start to see the lighter side in everything you do. Enjoy your life and always stay positive and happy. A good sense of humor always accompanies a man who can see the good side of everything and shares his funny thoughts with the people around him.

  24. Tease her from time to time

    While flirting may seem like a lot of work, it is all about the little details that matter. Flirting is not just about expressing a few lines related to sexuality. It is the way you behave each other, whether it is laughing or letting yourself flirt.

    If you can have a fun conversation with her, you are already flirting! It is that simple, but to push the friendly badinage in the dating field, you have to tease and pull her leg from time to time, when she slips or does something funny.

  25. Play with rascally conversations

    The steps above are perfect for creating a loving environment for both of you. It is just friendly and laid-back but once you get past that, you will both be close enough to flirt to the next stage.

    Whenever you spend time alone or talk to him on the phone, learn to mix your conversations. At that time, both of you challenged yourself to flirt with each other, so you do not really have to worry about crossing the line from time to time. Spend a few sexual remarks or ask a few questions that limit personal space from time to time. Even if she tells you to shut her up jokingly, you will always have a good impression.

  26. Be sensitive

    No flirtation is ever complete without some sexy touches from time to time. From time to time, try to find an excuse to touch her, be it her new earrings, her lock of hair taking in the wind or crossing a busy street. And every time you touch it, let your hands linger just a little longer than necessary. She will feel your hand linger, and she will adore, as long as you have worked your flirty magic on it.

  27. Ask him often

    From time to time, when you flirt with her, ask her to go out for a movie or a meal the next day. The best time to bring up this question would be when you are about to say goodbye, or when you are flirting by texting/WhatsApp. You do not look serious about it at all. By abruptly ending the conversation, you will make him wonder if you really asked him or were joking. And as always, these little details arouse curiosity and excitement.

    The next day, you can remind him of your date, and still do not seem too serious about it. If she laughs, laughs and talk about something else. She may be uncertain if you’re joking or serious, or she may not be ready for the moment.

    If she really responds in your favor and accepts! But if she refuses, laugh at yourself as a joke, but take note mentally to work harder to impress while flirting with her.

  28. Make these late-night calls

    The night awakens our sexual desires. If you want to know how to flirt with a girl and make her fall in love with you, start calling her or send her a message late at night.

    Thus, the late-night conversations will become a reciprocal attraction that will naturally and quickly cross the boundaries of friendship, as long as you use these rascally conversation tips.

  29. Take the first step

    Obviously, when kissing a woman, it is up to you to take the first step. But at the crucial moment, it’s easy to be overcome by the fear of failure … to the point of being paralyzed and doing nothing… Which always leads to the fiasco: a woman prefers to let you die of fear on the spot rather than to take the first step. She will be disappointed that you have not found the necessary courage, but never to the point of taking the initiative herself.

    Why? Well, because if you are unable to assert yourself, then you are not the kind of man she is looking for.

    Therefore, when the time comes to act, take your courage with both hands and make the “first step” it will be very grateful…

  30. Let her see you as a future boyfriend

    You may have created an attraction and a strong sexual alchemy between the two of you, but you have not finished yet. To flirt with a girl and make her want to go out with you, you have to let her see you as a future boyfriend.

    During a few conversations with her, drop some hints like you are looking for a girlfriend or are interested in dating someone. If she is single or in a bad relationship, she will think involuntarily of you two, especially if it is one of those late-night calls.

Once you know how to flirt with a girl in the right way by playing safety and taking a small step beyond friendship every time, you’ll find that flirting with a girl you love does not always have to be a game of luck and hope.

Use these subtle flirt tips and flirt with any girl you want in a friendly way!

If you want the better result when you flirt with a woman, use these 30 flirting techniques on how to flirt with a girl, share your desire to exchange, be communicative and do not hesitate to try your luck: you are not worth less than another is…

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