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How to flirt with a guy over text: 28 effective tips

How to Flirt with a Guy over text?

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You got to know each other, the attraction and the sexual tension felt in the air, you exchanged your numbers! You try to convey the message you want and do not send confusing and ambiguous signals to this guy who attracts you. That is why we give you some new tips for you to know how to flirt with a guy over text without making mistakes.

Whether you are already a couple or want to seduce a man, there is an unstoppable way to attract him to you and create intimacy. Flirting with a guy over texting is an excellent technique in order to make you desire and this despite the distance that can be between you two.

Discover in this article, the best ways to flirt with a guy over texting and thus to pack his heart thanks to new techniques.

It is also important to know the mistakes you cannot make, and so you will really put the odds on your side to conquer the heart of this man. You do not have to be at his side to seduce him.

You can, right now, by applying our advice on how to flirt with a guy over text, find love and find happiness.
  1. Do not rush
    Do not take the first step immediately, because if he gave you the number that same evening, and when you arrive at home you already send him a message of the good evening affection. Whether you like it or not the signal that you send is that you are desperately looking for a relationship, and that scares the majority of men.

    You may like it, but be calm and wait a few days at least.
  2. Take the initiative to seduce a guy over text
    Being entrepreneurial, which does not mean vulgar, is also a quality in the text. Indeed, if it is up to the man to take the first step to kiss you… You can still send a message without calculating the number of times he has acted in the same way.

    If you want to contact him, you can do it and especially you must especially avoid being in demand, it is also necessary to take initiatives.
  3. Have confidence in yourself
    If you decide to take the first step and send the message do it with confidence. Greet him and avoid phrases like, “Do you remember me?” Or “we met each other the other night…” A simple “hello is OK” is enough to start the conversation.
  4. Be short and simple
    Avoid messages that are too long or complicated, that is, do not get tangled! “This morning going to work I saw a red car and I thought about you because you told me you had a red car, so I thought I’d ask him how he’s doing, was your week?” NO! Nothing better than the natural, a brief message of greeting to engage the conversation.
  5. Are you interested in him?
    It is essential to ask questions about him, to take an interest in his life to move forward.
  6. Ask questions
    The easiest way to signal your interest and curiosity towards the other is to ask questions. The best questions are those that ask for the opinion of the interlocutor. That way, your interlocutor has the opportunity to answer in more detail and is comfortable to start a conversation.
  7. Do not insist
    If after sending two messages it does not answer you, do not insist. The fact that you have exchanged the numbers does not necessarily mean that you will see each other again, and the last thing you have to do is look like someone desperate or a stalker.

    Maybe he does not answer you right now because he is busy, but if he is interested, he will do it, do not doubt it.
  8. Take your time
    Do not be anxious and do not wait for an immediate response, because you will only be nervous. Send the message and put the laptop to continue your activities, if he is interested, he will answer.

    If he gets in touch with you, do not respond quickly and desperately, think about what you say and take your time to answer calmly.
  9. Be yourself
    By text, you may be tempted to pretend to be a more outlandish, extrovert or sexier than you are in real-life. This is perfectly useless and if that’s all this boy knows about you, he will expect you to be different from what you are the day you spend time together.
  10. Be fun
    If you have to avoid playing a role, still try to bring out your fun side. Text conversations tend to be lighter and shorter than face-to-face conversations. By presenting yourself as a funny and playful person, you will make this boy want to know you more.
  11. Do not hesitate to tease him
    Small teasing can help to create some intimacy, as long as the recipient has a sense of humor. You could, for example tease him about an error he made in one of his texts, for example, a fun automatic correction.
  12. Give him a cute little nickname
    It may sound stupid, but by giving this boy a nickname, you will make him understand that you like him. Choose a masculine nickname or a funny and cute little name. In either case, use this nickname in your text, to make this boy understand how you feel about him.
  13. Start the conversation
    If you are trying to pick up a boy with whom you are not yet a couple, try to bring the conversation to a romantic subject. So, he will understand where you are coming from and if he is also interested, he will continue the discussion on this path.
  14. Go calmly
    No messages that engage you or phrases with feelings, it is still too early to express yourself. “The other night, I spent a moment with you as never before with someone I had to know” this type of sentence probably surprise the other, and in some cases will scare him. Go calmly; such honesty will not necessarily get more attention from him.
  15. Do not worry
    If he cuts the conversation, do not insist anymore and wait for him to write to you again. It is also good that from time to time it is you who cut the thread of the messages, you will show so subtly that it interests you but that you have occupations and a life, a signal always positive because it indicates that you do not obsess or do not hang on to people easily.
  16. No important subject on text
    If you have something important to say, such as changing the time of an appointment, canceling it or addressing any other more serious topic, the best is to call and not to send messages.
  17. To have distributed in the text
    To know how to flirt with a guy over text it is important to create complicity and not be afraid to have the repartee to go through a phase that is akin to friendship before talking about love.

    The fact of sharing, not always being seduced, flirting is essential so as not to put pressure and to avoid mistakes.
  18. Put away
    Put a possible distance between you, and not to send texting messages every day, and constantly be in discussions revolving around the seduction.

    To smear a guy by text is not to be constantly behind his back and to prevent himself from living, it is necessary that your man also feels a certain distance, a lack for the relationship to be created. He must also think of you and not take you for granted.
  19. Compliment it
    To flirt with a guy over text nothing better than to compliment him. The second he sees your messages, I guarantee you that he will make a big smile. Remind him that he has assets that he is charming and you will create, for sure, desire in your man.
  20. Use emotional phrases
    Using phrases that will touch his emotions like “I miss you, Haste to see you tonight…” You will arouse his curiosity and give him pleasure even at a distance. Through the sexualization of conversation, your man will have only your image that will cross his mind for the whole day. Do not hesitate to be sensual to flirt with a guy over text.
  21. Use the empty message
    Sending an empty message to a guy will force him to think of you. When he sees your name appear on his phone he will feel obliged to answer, so you force him to take the first step. When you are already in a relationship, your man will immediately think of you by seeing this message and answer you automatically. Contrary to appearances, sending an empty message is a great way to flirt with a guy.
  22. Use the smileys
    Nowadays, everyone has smartphones, so you have no excuses not to use smileys to flirt with a guy over text. A little heart, a little smile in the middle of the day to remind him that you think of him will be very appreciated. Even when you are not yet in a relationship with him, nothing prevents to send a texting with a friendly smiley to make him laugh, have fun and continue your game of seduction.
  23. Send him sexy photos
    A photo is worth a thousand times more than words and if it is more of you, much more. If your friend is very visual and you trust him, take a sexy photo shoot exclusively for him.

    If you are more comfortable with photos than words, the option of sending a provocative photo of yourself is a great idea. Choose underwear with which you feel sexy, feminine and funky, and then make a good selfie to send to the laptop. You can accompany the photo with a text that says you are thinking about it.
  24. Warm it with your text messages
    If you want to start warming up a man, start by insinuating with a subtlety that you are interested to let him know that something is possible with you, but that you must go little by little. Always keep control of the situation and be calm and patient, let the sexual tension between the two before taking the first step towards the physical.
  25. Go beyond the virtual
    The virtual must not be the only way to seduce him. Indeed, we must also think about having real face-to-face exchanges, to live this complicity in real life and not only behind a smartphone.
  26. Do not let the conversation go on forever
    When flirting by text, it is important to know when to choose the right time to end a conversation while remaining naughty.

    Remember to end your conversation with something cute without much detail. This makes your guys eager to start over with you the next chat flirtation conversation.
  27. Be mysterious and do not tell everything
    Men love to discover what is behind a woman, but they have no interest in knowing things about your ex-spouses or very explicit things about your life.

    If you want to heat a man, keep some mystery and do not tell everything about you by texting.
  28. Know how to end a conversation
    If he does not respond to your text or flirts with you, it is not a good idea to continue flirting with this guy.

    You wrote to him two or three times and he does not answer you, the message is clear: you do not interest him. Do not suffer and do not let your ego take a hit, continue your life normally and without the subject suffocating you too much.

Keep these unpublished tips on how to flirt with a guy over text in your mind as you swap, and you will see how easy it can be to seduce the guy you like through a few text messages.

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