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How to Understand a Girl: 16 Keys to Unlocking Their Mysteries

How to Understand a Girl?

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Every man wonders how to understand a girl? At one time or another. Almost as many have given up. Do not get me wrong, here how to understand a girl it is not rocket science.

Why is it so difficult to reason with a common sense girl? Why does not the girl realize that you would go perfectly together?

If you have ever asked yourself these kinds of questions, you are not alone. Most guys find that girls are fickle, unreliable, irrational. They struggle to connect with the opposite sex.

From the point of view of men, girls are well-known to have unpredictable behavior, incomprehensible, inconstant… Some find themselves completely helpless, whether to seduce or to maintain a relationship with them…

Men and women are fundamentally different. This is due to hormones, genetic heritage, but also probably a little education and morals.

In the following lines, we will dissect together female psychology which seems difficult for most men to understand.

Well, here are 16 key points to keep in mind about how to understand a girl and her way of thinking.It will serve you as well to seduce as to lead a life of a couple in which you bloom.

It will serve you as well to seduce as to lead a life of a couple in which you bloom.

  1. Understand that all girls are different

     The first thing you need to understand that not all girls are the same. Of course, there are some things that many of them have in common but every girl is an individual.

    If you try to judge one girl by the behavior of another, you are going to have a bad time. If you want to have a good time, it is important to try to understand each girl in her own way.

  2. Understand that women are not men

     The second thing you need to understand is that you will not be able to understand a girl that interests you the same way you understand the men you are friends with.

    Men and women are different creatures socially and biologically. If you try to interact with her as if she were a man in a dress, it will not work for you and you will never understand it.

  3. Women are more emotional than rational

     Another thing to understand is that in their interactions girls are mostly governed by emotions.

    Girls are greatly more in tune with their emotions. They make decisions founded on how they feel right now and analyze them later.

    This is why they sometimes give the impression of having a behavior that seems completely defied logic and that their actions do not stick to their word.

    To conquer a girl, what matters are the emotions you make her feel. That is what she could feel at your side, through the discussions you had with her, and the moments you had together.

    Learn to understand a girl and her emotions and you will see that it is very easy to connect with her.

  4. Women have a reputation to protect

    Since the dawn of time, women have always been careful to protect their reputation to the fullest.

    Girls are sometimes difficult to seduce if we do not know how to do it.

    A girl will usually be more difficult to seduce if you try to catch her in front of friends or acquaintances. It will not always be easy to pick up and will often offer some resistance to your advances.

    Just to communicate subtly that she is not an easy girl and that you cannot pick her up so easily. This is also the reason why girls do not say things clearly.

    Women pay attention to their reputation as the apple of their eyes.

    That is why tact, discretion, and social intelligence are powerful assets to seduce effectively.

  5. Pay attention to his words

    Too often, men talk and wait their turn to talk rather than really listen. What you need to do to understand it is to pay attention to it.

    Not only does she tell you a lot about herself, but the things she chooses to talk about, tell you a lot about her.

  6. Pay attention to his actions

    It is an old but very real expression: Actions speak louder than words.

    If you really want to understand a girl, you need to watch what she does. There is a difference between the things she says and the things she does, you have to trust her actions more than her words.

  7. Ask him questions

    To ask many questions is one of the best ways to understand it.

    Whenever you have trouble understanding something about it, it is time to ask him questions. Not just because you are confused about something she has already said or done.

    It may just be an area of ​​her life that you want to better understand and learn more about her.

  8. Reasoning with women

    It is futile to rely on rational arguments with women. The golden rule is simple: Change your feelings, not your thoughts.

    Men fail to connect with women because they focus on what is said instead of what is felt. The secret to reason with women lies in the treatment of their emotions.

    If you want to attract a girl, do not brag about how awesome you are, just make her feel good by being fun and confident.

    Do not argue with an angry woman, let her cool down or cheer her up with actions.

  9. Women are looking for protection

    Women have a survival instinct that is still ingrained in them. They needed protection to ensure their survival. This protection was often provided by a man.

    A single woman was more exposed to the various dangers of the world in which she lived than a woman in a relationship with a strong man to protect her.

    This protection worked both in terms of physical integrity and basic needs.

    Even if with our modern societies we no longer live in a world as dangerous and hostile as before, and we have evolved, this model of thought is still firmly anchored in our unconscious.

  10. Women are looking for some stability

    Women seek stability in men, especially emotional stability. They prefer to avoid unbalanced guys who are unable to control themselves.

    This search for stability is what explains the fact that women are constantly trying to test men. Whether done consciously or unconsciously.

    When you try to seduce a girl, it usually seeks to put a spoke in the wheels, to protect his reputation and also to test your strength.

    She will want to see if you are the type to give up at the first hurdle or if you are able to persevere. When you do not react to these attacks, that is where you score points, it is extremely attractive and exciting for a girl.

  11. Women like to seduce

    Since they did not have the physical abilities of men, women had to develop another asset to survive and evolve in society: seduction.

    The fair sex has developed over the past millennia a considerable expertise in the art of seduction.

    This mastery of seduction is available at the physical level and at the behavioral level.

    Women know how to be desired, and they like to feel wanted.

    Consciously or unconsciously, it is not uncommon for a woman to making a man who pleases her addicted to make sure that he will want only her and not another.

  12. Women are looking for a direction

    Most women are looking for structure and direction. They seek a setting in which they can evolve and express their emotions.

    They need to feel guided.

    This is a point that is not easy to explain, but in practice, it translates into an attraction towards men who know how to lead.

    Women are attracted to men who know how to take things in their hands. They like to feel carried out and to be in the presence of a man who knows how to make decisions.

  13. Women are looking for a real man

    The femininity of the woman is attracted by the masculinity of the man. That's why very feminine women are attracted to male dudes by male dudes.

    One touches on their primary side, on that side which is excited in a powerful way by the sexual tension which can be very strong during an interaction between a man and a woman.

    When a woman is uncontrollably attracted to a man who apparently does not like him, it is because this guy has a powerful masculine energy that is powerful in attracting the female part of the woman.

    This is the reason why to establish a powerful sexual tension makes it possible to excite a girl considerably. This is also the reason why you must seek to attract and not to please!

    When you are looking to please, you are trying to polish the difference between the girl and you. You seek to destroy this tension that makes her attracted to you.

    That is why many guys end up in the friend zone: they do everything to please the woman they want to seduce, agreeing with her about everything, making sure to have the same interests, to have many common points... And in the end, the attraction is reduced to nothing...

  14. The woman is centered on her close environment

    The woman is more focused on her home.

    Biologically, she is made to manage the home and possibly its surroundings: caring for the little ones, managing the reserves ... That is why she will have more difficulties to have an overall vision.

    It will be harder to understand the outside world and see it in its entirety.

    Because she is focused on her immediate environment and less apt to apprehend the world, the woman will focus more on details of little importance.

    It is possible that she will make you head for something that you consider unimportant or innocuous.

  15. The woman has more difficulty to perceive the danger

    The woman has a lesser experience of danger. She finds it harder to spot it; it is harder to balance things out, to discern right from wrong... She has not been as confronted as the man.

    It has not been able to develop an instinct and a perception as sharp as the man who has experienced it for millennia.

    The woman did not need to develop this perception and instinct to survive.

    Hence, the importance of a woman to have a strong man by her side, who are able to perceive the danger and make the difference.

    Be that solid man who separates good from evil, separating truth from falsehood and setting limits.

  16. The woman avoids the confrontation

    Men do not always see the messages that women want to convey. They use subtleties to avoid confrontation.

    Be aware of this difference and make sure to be more attentive to certain signals.

Understanding girls help as much to seduce them as to live enriching relationships with them. It allows you to know where you are going and what makes that at one point it has messed up.

The feminine psychology being relatively complex, sometimes it is necessary to take a step back and not try to analyze everything.

Sometimes the easiest way is to agree not to understand. Or rather to understand that women are sometimes emotional and experiencing a storm of emotions that manifest themselves in bewildering behaviors.

Try to understand the girls rationally. You will be unable to communicate with them and problem-solving will always be a chore.

Concentrate on her feelings, and you will finally know how to understand a girl and her emotions.

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