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75 Sexting Messages to Send to Your Boyfriend

Sexting Messages to Send to Your Boyfriend

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The sexting messages can be judiciously used to excite your partner or seduce someone in a sensual and rascally way.

Here is a selection of the best sexting messages to send to your boyfriend right now, and you will be amazed at the results:

  1. A fire ravages my crotch; could you fix it as soon as possible?

  2. The whole of my body is waiting for caresses show me your address!

  3. I am in a bathrobe, but it is getting hot. Should I remove it? I am wondering.

  4. I have a nice present for you. You will have to open the package.

  5. You always told me that you were bilingual. Show me that you are comfortable with your tongue.

  6. My body is in full swing tonight. I am a without panties.

  7. Fill me the body of this desire that inhabits you!

  8. Make me your muse; use this brush that amuses me.

  9. You take me. I am bored by myself.

  10. The fridge is almost empty. You will have to offer me your dessert.

  11. I am on the verge of falling asleep. Two fingers…

  12. I am waiting for you on the bed, naked and in the dark. Come in once undressed!

  13. I like a lot when you take initiatives, and you penetrate my space!

  14. Endorse the left side of the bed, and I fall asleep on the right side. Somewhere tonight, our two bodies will be together.

  15. I would like you to be there with me so that I spend this night not sleeping with you.

  16. Nothing about you, the heat rises in me… Take care of yourself.

  17. I get out of the shower, and I am still hot, did you finish the job soon?

  18. I cannot wait for you to slip your hands on my hips… Come quickly find us in our bed!

  19. Nobody does me as much effect as you! See you tonight, my love.

  20. If you see underwear everywhere, I advise you to follow them; a surprise awaits you at the end.

  21. Last night I dreamed of something very rascally. I show you tonight!

  22. I am going to shower; you do not want to join me!

  23. Are you sure you want to stay at work late tonight? I am naked I am waiting for you.

  24. I am so cold even though I am under my blanket! Give me a minute I put on a T-shirt!

  25. I wish you were with me, right now.

  26. I am watching a rather sexy video of a man who looks a lot like you.

  27. What are you wearing? I want to imagine you!

  28. Guess the color of my underwear

  29. My hands are busy, but they took a break to send you a message

  30. I try to sleep but cannot. I keep thinking of everything I could do to you if you were near me…

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    Let’s go…

  31. Have you dreamed of me caressing you last night?

  32. Smart men like to learn: do you prefer to learn or teach me?

  33. The dance I prefer is the one you taught me on the pillow!

  34. I am far from you tonight, your body misses me then my heart speaks to you… I love you!

  35. I bought a new brass today. I really need your opinion. You are coming home.

  36. Today, I went shopping all day. I am a BAD GIRL. I think you will have to spank me tonight.

  37. I would like to lick you everywhere right now. It does not bother you.

  38. Do not spend too much on your football game. Keep them for me tonight…

  39. I am in a fitting room. I am wearing only a little string…

  40. No interesting movie on TV. Do you have any other ideas about what I could do in bed?

  41. You were very charming in this shirt yesterday. I wanted to unbutton her and caress your body before going down a little lower…

  42. I need a bottle of wine for our dinner tonight. While you are there, buy whipped cream, I might need it tonight to cover your chest.

  43. I need a sex slave for tonight. You are available.

  44. That night I could not sleep. I wanted to feel your hot body against mine. I wanted to feel your hands caress my body. But you were not there. I miss you!

  45. I wish you were with me in my room, in my bed with me. I am naked under my sheet and I think of you!

  46. Last night I wanted you and wanted so much. I wanted to feel you close to me, I wanted to feel you in me, and you excite me so much.

  47. I am alone in my bed; I am cold without my human radiator. I fantasy of snuggling up against your chest and falling asleep peacefully.

  48. I give you a virtual hug and send you all your favorite caresses. I kiss you where you prefer!
  49. Falling asleep without making love is like waking up without a coffee. Looking forward to tomorrow night…

  50. Do not spend too much in a box tonight; watch out for me tomorrow, surprises will await you … under my clothes.

  51. I fall asleep slowly, my eyes are closed little by little, and I imagine you near me, your hands wrapping my whole body, your lips on my shoulders and your breath in my neck. Good night, I am dreaming of you.

  52. I would like you to be with me, I would like you to be in me. But you are not here. I am going to satisfy this thirst for you in my mind. Sweet Dreams!

  53. I bought a very sexy outfit today. I hope you can find out soon. In the meantime, I wish you a sweet night!

  54. I imagine everything I could do to you if you were there. I have the pretentiousness to think that you would be satisfied. Too bad a few kilometers separate us!

  55. I miss you, you are my drug: I cannot do without you, your smell, your back, your mouth, your heat. This night is going to belong!

  56. I am buying a new set of lingerie: I hesitate between lace and silk. What do you prefer? A beautiful dominatrix or a seductive sensual?

  57. I am in the path of desire: I want to buy a lipstick… I will teach you how to put lipstick in my way.

  58. I really want you, to touch you, to kiss you then to lower my mouth lower… Even lower. I want to do you gallantly, give you everything I have, do whatever you want, make you happy!

  59. I cannot wait for you to make love to me! I want to be in your arms wrapped up. I want to kiss you until my lips scorch you. I want to feel your hands walk on my body, my buttocks, my breasts… I want to feel inside me. I love you!

  60. Love is like an illness: we catch it in the street, and we nurse it in bed. I think I have a big rascally bronchitis, do you come to treat me.

  61. Good night my love, I am going to dream of your body. I dream to touch you, to caress you with my hands … my tongue… I am hot, I want you, and I am yours and your desires!

  62. I miss a part of you, a single part of you!

  63. I am at work right now it is very hot especially since I have the image of your way of moving in me… And it makes me shudder.

  64. I am alone under my quilt, and I am cold. Do you have a solution to warm me up?

  65. I want you too much my heart, and all my body claims you. Come, come right now, I want to feel your breath in my neck, breathe your body, and taste your lips.

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  66. I want to be in your arms, to be one more than one night.

  67. Alone in this big empty bed, I think only of you: the smell of the sheets nagging me, it reminds me how much I miss you and how much I want you. I love you!

  68. I am so hot that even firefighters could not turn me off. Ready to yield on the challenge of your life?

  69. I lost my sexual appetite. Come to give me hunger!

  70. Tonight for dessert, do you want cake or treat? For me, treat! I watch the calories.

  71. I am completely naked. Do you want to cognize what I am doing? Turn on your camera and let me light you.

  72. Porn video or hot text, my fingers are already at work…

  73. I am going to the bathroom. If you join me in two minutes, you will have your dessert before the main course.

  74. The quick sex you know. Hurry up I am in a hurry!

  75. I do not have panties. Do you want the code of my door?

3 Tips for a Successful Sexting Message Session:

—If you send hot pictures, be sure of your partner. And for even more security ask him to erase them once the shared pleasure.

—Before sending a hot sexting message, double check the sender. It would be a shame to send it to his father, boss or a stranger!

—Avoid overflowing into the rowdy. The sexting messages are there to excite us, to give pride to the imagination. If trashy texting is part of the game, be careful not to overdo it. Mystery and imagination are the basis of desire. Be sure of the moment and no gliding eyes are around.

Now, exciting a guy and warming him by sexting message is a breeze.

Send the sexting messages to the guy of your dreams and have fun in the warm, we wish you a good sexual appetite!

You finally have sexting messages to send to your boyfriend, so work your imagination to adapt yours to the conversation.

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