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How to flirt with a girl over text: 23 Great tips you should use!

How to flirt with a girl over text?

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It is easy to make a girl in love, and crazy about you if you apply the tips below on how to flirt with a girl over text, in the right way and at the right time.

When it comes to impressing a girl, timing is all. Unlike men, girls rely heavily on emotions and feelings to fall for a guy.

The guys fall for a girl at first sight because they find her attractive but for a girl to love a man, her feelings play a bigger role in her eyes.

Sometimes it is easier to flirt with a girl over text and drive her crazy than courting her and impressing her with presents.

Well, how to flirt with a girl over text and quickly lure her to your bed?

If you want to learn the right way to text a girl, just apply my 20 tips on how to flirt with a girl over text and you will see that it is easy to make her fall in love with you or even warm her up in a few conversations.

  1. The night is the best time to flirt over text

    If the girl you love is comfortable with texting conversations late at night, you already have the benefit you need. Start by texting her late in the evening and look for ways to keep the conversation going when she slips into bed. There is something sexy and romantic during a quiet night that will work in your favor.
  2. The right moment to send a text message to a girl

    Avoid sending a texting or calling her when you know she is busy or with her friends. She needs to feel happy reading your text messages, but she should not see you as a bug because you are constantly interfering with her happy time.
  3. Choose a time to send your text messages

    Do not send a flirt texting a girl you love all day. If you know her routine, send texting only when you know she is available to send texting back. After a few days of texting, you will see that it is warmer and makes longer conversations by text at particular times of the day.

    Once you know the best time to text this girl, send her flirt messages each day at the same time. It will make him wait for your message and his anticipation for your flirt texting, every day, will make that she will love you more.
  4. First text

    If you want to know how to text a girl for the first time, do not think too much about her. Just stay relaxed and simple. Hey! Just a hello! It is simple and one of many ways to send the first texting to a girl you love.

    There is never a bad way to text a girl. This is what you do after the first text that is still important.
  5. Start with a very short and simple text message

    If you have texted the girl, and have been receiving feedback for a few days, you really do not need to look for reasons to send it again or need elaborate introductions.

    Start with a simple and warm line that is nice to read. This leaves the conversation open and you will be able to know if it has time to discuss too.

    According to a study by the University of Chicago, the best opening sentences are the simplest. A simple “Hi” is the best effect. Stay nice, warm and do not beat around the bush.
  6. Be brief

    Try to keep your text messages short, if you want to keep the conversation. Your goal is to get her to focus on you when she sends you text messages.

    Long text messages can annoy her when she has to wait until your next text message. Worse, she can deal with television or do something else to distract herself while waiting for your text message.
  7. Be intimate

    Text messages can sometimes seem impersonal, so do your best to make them as personal as possible as soon as you can. This will create a special relationship between you.

    Put his name in the message. Girls love to see their name in the messages, there is something very intimate about it.

    Use the term “us” in your flirtation messages. It gives an air of “you and I cut the whole world,” girls love it.
  8. Being interested in her, and her daily life

    Ask him how his day went. Be interested in his life, and let him know that you are always interested in learning more about it while sending other texts. This will allow him to open.
  9. Tease her a little

    Teasing is a great way to flirt. This creates a kind of intimacy between you without it becoming too serious.

    You can give your friend a cute nickname (a nickname that you are the only one to use) such as giving her a name of a pet.

    Customize the relationship between you two, and this will allow you to get closer.
  10. Do not flirt all the time

    Even if she knows that you already love her, avoid flirting with her every moment. It will be boring if you are just flirting with her.

    Text on daily activities, and show her that you are interested in knowing more about her, and her life.

    Do you want more tips on how to flirt with a girl over text?

    Here are 10 more rules that will get you laid…
  11. Flirt when you have the opportunity

    You can always find the perfect opportunity to flirt with her. Do not miss this moment and use it in your favor to tease her, especially when she talks about herself or makes a compliment on her.
  12. Be rascally

    Be especially vague in your sexting unless she has already beckoned you to go further. You can play security or be rascally depending on how it returns you messages.
  13. Use Emoticons

    Unless the girl is expressly telling you that she hates emoticons, make sure you leave a few kisses, and a smile when you say goodbye.

    Even if she makes a big deal of it, you can still joke about it, and say it was a goodbye kiss on the cheek!
  14. Get dirty when you can

    Rub on dirty texting with her from time to time, and watch how she reacts. If she sends you text messages and asks you what you are doing, tells her you were doing something nasty.

    Make him think of you in nudity or give him opportunities to speak meanly. A good way to start a rascally conversation is by telling him that you took a nice shower, and that you will try the new underwear that you bought today.
  15. Create personal memories

    Always look for ways to connect the two of you. Tell him about your favorite song, movie or place you like.

    Whenever she comes across something you have talked about, give her a reason to think about you.
  16. Be soggy before saying goodbye

    Complimenting her looks, her personality or whatever makes her feel warm and fuzzy from the inside. But focus on these text messages for a few minutes before you say goodbye.

    If you want her to become attached to you and to be in love with you, she must be sexually attracted to you and must then feel romantically attached to you. This is how love works.
  17. Do not rush to declare your love

    We do not tell a girl that we love her all of a sudden by texting. It is scary for her. If you do, you risk running away forever. Before declaring your love, it is important to seduce her at first.

    When you know that this girl has feelings for you that you can declare her your love. Otherwise, it is failure assured.
  18. Do not let the conversation drag on

    When flirting by text, an important quality is knowing when to end a conversation while remaining mysterious.

    To do this, you must finish the conversation before it becomes boring. Always end with something cute without too much detail, to end the next text chat conversation.
  19. Know how to end the futile conversation

    If she does not respond to your text or does not respond by flirting, it is not a good idea to continue flirting with this girl.

    If she answers you with fewer than three words, it would probably be a good idea to end the conversation casually.
  20. Know the right moment to withdraw

    If a girl does not sleep with you after a month or less, skip it. She will surely tell you like all the sisters in Christ, that we have just started, we have all our time, and we have to wait 3 months or 6 months. All these beautiful words are to tell you NO. She just wants to take advantage of you. So, break up and look elsewhere!

    If she is attracted, she will come back to you.

    Mistakes to avoid when you flirting with a girl over text?

    If you do not plan to seduce the most beautiful girls in the world, then you do not have to be the funniest and most seductive guy over text.

    On the other hand, to seduce over text, there are some rules to respect not to make you eliminate too quickly… Here are the principal ones which we have listed to you:
  21. Make spelling errors

    Before smartphones existed, we could understand the usefulness of text language (and again…). But today, girls will not accept that you make spelling errors in your text messages.

    You must make a serious effort on the proper use of the French language, if you want to chat a girl over text. I have already seen girls blame me for having made some mistakes in a text, while they themselves were doing…

    So remember to reread several times if necessary. You can also ask Google’s review to make sure you do not write anything.
  22. Send too many text

    Receiving a funny text from time to time is appealing. But receive too many text from the same person to the opposite effect. You must not spam the messaging of the girl you want to seduce. Otherwise you will be very quickly offside…

    To know if you send too much text, just observe the frequency and the response time of the girl you want to seduce.

    If she answers you quickly and she sends you text messages herself, you’re hot. If it does not answer all your messages and takes a long time to answer you, you are cold.

    It is important to calibrate yourself on the girl you want to seduce, not to go too fast. If she asks you questions by text, she invites you to the conversation. If she never asks you a question, she does not encourage you to continue.

    Attention all the same! If she asks you questions, do not fall into the trap of telling you everything over text. You will have nothing to tell him in front and you will inevitably lose points!
  23. Speak to speak

    Text messages are used to make an appointment, to make laugh, to bring value, but in no case are text messages used to discuss.

    I see too many guys using text to chat with a girl, while being hidden behind a screen. We have already told you earlier in the article, a face-to-face discussion is 100 times more interesting than a discussion over text!

    I’m tired of hearing from guys saying, “I do not understand! Everything was going well by messages and then there, no more answer! .” Yet it’s very simple to understand. A guy saw this girl in the face and could go much further than just a message. So, she no longer responds to others.

We’ll finish the article on that, a girl rarely has only one pretender who runs after her. So if you want to play the final and win the title, the text must serve you to quickly go to the appointment.

Keep these tips on how to flirt with a girl over text in your mind while you chat, and you will see how easy it can be to seduce the girl you like through some late night texting and well-timed lines.

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